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Mayorkun – Betty Butter feat Davido

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Betty butter is a currently trending Afro-beat song by Mayorkun (a Nigerian singer, songwriter, pianist and comedian) who featured an all time African favorite musician, Davido.

Mayorkun was discovered and signed with Davido’s music label after he released a cover of Davido’s “The money” single. He admits to have spent a lot of time perfecting Betty butter so as to get everything to sit right in the mix.
Betty butter is now the second most played song in Nigeria (after Omah lay’s “Bad Influence“) according to apple music’s chart, top 100 Nigeria. Looks like the hard work was worthwhile.


The song

Betty butter is a song that warns it’s listeners to be aware of gold diggers. Betty butter is both the name of the song and the girl (the gold digger) who is always chasing after bank accounts in the name of love. She first betrays Mayorkun’s love for her, after he spent a lot of money buying her all the goodies.
Davido comes second, so electrified by Betty butter’s beauty, he promises to empty his pockets to win her heart as he sings in the second verse, “I am not a banker but I will spray you with dollars”. History repeats itself up until one faithful day when they all meet for dinner, one of their friends shows up with Betty butter as his “plus one”.

The intro starts with Mayorkun’s vocals sandwiched between panned vocal harmonies so pleasant to the ears. African percussion instruments are introduced with an addition of a well performed piano as a pad element that glues everything in place. It is that type of an intro that captures your attention and makes you hungry for more.

Mayorkun opens the first verse. The pad gives way leaving the soft kick drum, bass, a synthesized xylophone like sound with more percussions added. Mayorkun’s vocals are consistent and sit well in the overall mix. Every syllable of every word and every word of every sentence is clearly heard. He moves to the first chorus after a very short and catchy verse.

Here comes Davido with the second verse. Every musical element in the song is put to a halt for a second then the kick drum, synth and percussion instruments are brought back up to support Davido’s “in your face” type of vocals and add more depth to the song.
This quick and short halt of the musical instruments adds more excitement to the song making its listener more excited. Davido’s verse is more catchy thanks to the panned vocal chops jumping left and right of the stereo field. He then goes to the chorus.
Mayorkun comes last with the third and final verse followed by the chorus that both the artists participate.


This song, “Betty butter”, has three verses and choruses which is uncommon yet it is shorter (two minutes and nine seconds) than many other songs with a common structure of; two verses, three choruses and a bridge.
It is unique in its own way and it is no surprise that it is blowing off the charts.

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