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2 birds VS Mentality – Lyrical Joe, The Reincarnation Of Kwame Nkrumah

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Kwame Nkrumah was a Ghanaian revolutionary, a great African Icon and hero worthy of every song of praise reserved for the continent’s legends.

Much is known about his advocacies and achievements as a transparent politician, but, little is known about his ability to impact minds and how he challenged African borders and called for the United States of Africa.

Truth be told, Lyrical Joe seems to have drunk from a cup meant for Kwame Nkrumah’s progeny. The talented lyricist did not only destroy imaginary kings and fictitious gods but, he also set ablaze the sentiments and egos that have for long hampered the growth of the music industry in Cameroon.

Lyrical Joe got Cameroonian rappers in a queue; all in line waiting for their turn to man-up to the lyrical beast from Ghana⁠—from the capstone of the pyramid (Kamer’s top rappers) to the bottom( underground rappers), they all got served a juice produced from Joe’s lyrical venom.

This is epic and revolutionary! 

Challenging borders and awakening rappers not only from Cameroon but also, from other African countries.

Jovi has been worshipped as the mboko-god of Cameroon’s music industry. Credited for inspiring a generation of Cameroonian rappers who dish their art on a ‘Mboko Rap’ plate.

In Cameroon, Mboko is a street language, it’s an ideology and equally, it’s a form of music—a form of music that has been innovated into a sub-genre—known today as ‘Mboko Rap’

Lapiro De Mbanga Shares His Mboko Glory with None, Not Even Jovi


When looking at rap from a broader level, ‘Mboko Rap’; not in any way taking its appeal and hold on Mboko-gang members; is a drop of water in an ocean. Before ‘mboko-gang’ members come for my ass, give me a chance to explain some more.

‘Mentality’ is a good song vis as vis other Mboko-rap songs, but, it’s limitations were immediately spotted when putting head-on Lyrical Joe’s ‘2birds’.

How can Jovi diss lyrical Joe with mboko jargons when Joe doesn’t know a thing about mboko? This is the kind of mentality that has slowed down the growth of Cameroon’s music industry.

Call a dog ‘lion’, and watch it die the next day. Evidently, this has been the case with Jovi. The praises he received from his fans who never for once told him the truth, got into his head. After beefing every artist from Cameroon, his ego swelled up and he said to himself, “It’s time to beef up the continent”

The best rapper in Africa? Come on men, you’re the best ‘Mboko-rapper’, matter fact, you’re the mboko-god. Jovi had the opportunity to sell his mboko-rap genre to the continent, unfortunately, he messed up big time. While listening to Jovi’s ‘Mentality’ I had to put aside my Cameroonian origin and listened as would a person from Zimbabwe. A diss song meant for multi-national consumption⁠—mboko parlances⁠—as punchlines, that’s some silly joke.

Lyrical Joe wouldn’t have awakened underground rappers all over Africa if his diss songs were in Twi. Jovi would have for once proved his versatility and creativity by dissing Lyrical Joe in a language a greater percentage of Africa’s population vibe to, but his mind could only produce ‘Mentality’.

‘Mentality’ is pure gold for mboko fans. If all those punchlines were in standard English, Jovi would have easily won the hearts of some new fans from other Africa countries. In curiosity to know more about their new discovered icon, they would have flooded his Youtube Channel⁠—he would have easily sold out the mboko culture without breaking a sweat.

As a god, Jovi should be able to perform miracles, exhibit dynamism and versatility. It wouldn’t be too much for him if he had surprised his mboko fans with the other face of his creativity by facing this international battle he brought upon himself by dissing in Standard English.

conclusively, Jovi’s “Mentality” is a good song, but way out of any international beefing league wherein fans need to understand the lyrics word for words in order to establish the winner of the beef.

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