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Nature is all around us,most of us are normally perplexed at how livings things move,grow and die all in starfixed order.Well not to bore you with any of this so let’s jump into the main reason why I wanted to write about nature.In one word… Africa. The continent is filled with diverse countries and people enriching ethnicities.As much as I would like to talk about all the countries in this marvelous continent I will only talk about one country in particular.Tanzania.The country is on the east side of Africa.It borders Kenya and Uganda.It has a wide span population of 56million.On the historical part of the country has helped many historians come to conclusion about the evolution of man since many important hominid fossils have been found there.Fast forward to where the country is at today and all I can is that it gets better and better.Tourism is one of the key factors that play a part in the country’s economy alongside fishing and mining.Tanzanite is a mineral that’s only found in Tanzania and no where else in the world.This rock has built and broken marriages before just kidding!. It plays a vital part in the country. Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and the highest single-free standing mountain in the world with a whooping 5895 metres.This mountain takes a whole week to get to the top.The view once you get there is worth every step.This activity is one of the many things that give you a lifelong memory that comes with the sense of accomplishment.i could go on and on about how beautiful this site is but I’ll save some for next time.Tanzania has a little something for everyone.Regardless of where it is you’re from the people are very friendly and respectful of different religions because the country is filled with that be it Muslim,Christian or even an atheist. The motto of the country is (UHURU NA UMOJA) which translates to Freedom and Unity.Most people live by those words.Zanzibar…this archipelago is just outside Tanzania’s mainland and is considered to be one of the best places for vacation in Africa.The ocean is as clear as crystal.Scuba diving for too long might have you thinking of building a house in the ocean or even buying a boat and spending the rest of your days there.They have the best seafood in the country.Two days in this paradise on earth and it’s guaranteed to get have the problems of your shoulders. The country has different cultures in all the 22 regions found. And since we’re on the subject…might as well teach you fellas a little bit of swahili…common greeting goes like MAMBO and not Jambo I’ve seen this mistake made all over the none swahili speaking countries I’ll say again no one uses the word jambo. The reply to the greeting is usually POA which means fine or okay.Mostly oral traditions every region has their own language. But the basic languages are Swahili,English and Arabic. That’s as brief as I can try to give a little explanation of the country.

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