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A Good Time To Divorce Review

Whenever I am watching a movie, I endeavour to get into the writer’s mind and predict, the end from the beginning. In ‘A Good Time To Divorce’, Nkanya Nkwai, beat me 5-0 to it!

Nigerians have produced some excellent movies, but recently, every storyline seemed recycled! Ghanaians, with the actors like Majid Michel, Jackie Appiah, Nadia Buari and a host of others have contributed their bit to paint a brighter picture of Africa through cinematography.

Cameroonians, with little or no support from the Government, have been struggling to tell their own stories through movies to the world, but much hasn’t been done as in the past. Most Cameroonian movie makers failed to think out of the box.

‘A good time to Divorce’ starred the following actors: Alenne Menget, Lami Lum-Manfor, Nsang Dilong, Mayohchu Atem-Ebai, Fritz Jarvis Atem-Ebai, Frank Sire, Franklin Gobina, Mbang Joseph Song, Paul Kode, Palmer Ngale Mbua, Glory Chando, Takum Fred Che, Ivan Namme and Anurin Nwuunembom

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After watching the 1 hour and 50 minutes long ‘A Good Time To Divorce’ movie, I can confidently say, “Nkanya Nkwai is the writer, director and producer we have been waiting for”

Nkanya Nkwai
                                                        Nkanya Nkwai

I wish he had paid me to write this review! I am writing this review because the overall message in the movie resonates with my soul and my very essence as a human being.

Marriage is a very important societal institution!

With the recent decadence of this strong pillar holding families together, it was imperative and necessary for someone to step up with a counteractive message.

In ‘A Good Time To Divorce’, Nkanya Nkwai painted a vivid image depicting the perception of ‘Marriage’ by most career women. In as much as I’m tempted to write about the story, I will try not to make this review a spoiler so as to encourage IB readers to hurriedly purchase their copies of the movie on Amazon.

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I was held spellbound, intrigued, entertained and most importantly, I was educated. All along, as I was watching the movie, I thought a good time to divorce is when a husband batters his wife, cheats on his wife, refuses to provide for his family and vice versa, but at the very end of the movie, I was proven wrong.

It’s a story of selflessness and self-centeredness!

One party sacrifices, put family above everything while the other thinks about pleasure, career and personal happiness above the family. At the end of the movie, the most outstanding message I picked out is,  when two become one in holy matrimony, they ought to live and function as one, and not as the individuals they were before they got married.

In order to have a successful marriage, personal singular pronouns like ‘I’, ‘My’, ‘Me’ and possessive pronouns like ‘Mine’ should be avoided. Rather, pronouns like ‘Us’, ‘We’, and ‘Ours’  should be used to consolidate the fact that two have truly become one.

Is there really a good time to divorce? A million-dollar question that will be answered with just a few dollars. You can rent the movie on Amazon for $4, but if you prefer to own a copy, you can purchase it for $12. Trust me, You won’t regret buying or renting the movie.

If you are within Cameroon and will like to watch the movie, you do not have to worry! 

With a virtual card, you can as well rent or purchase the movie. Follow this link to get for yourself a virtual visa or master card.

Now to the review Proper:


Nkanya Nkwai did some justice to the storyline and screenplay. I give a 5-star review for the storyline.


Society impacting message, so I give a 5-star review to the message.


All the actors/actress did amazingly, I give a 5-star rating to the actors.

Original Music:

The original music by Mr Leo and Salatiel added a Kamer cultural flair and sweetness to the movie, I give a 5-star rating to the music.


Sha Sha designs represented Cameroonian fashion designers appropriately, so I give a 4.5-star rating.

On the overall rating, on a scale of 5, the movie scored 4.79. 

I am so impressed and I will end this blog post by saying that I wish Cameroonians home and abroad will encourage such creativity by purchasing it, thereby encouraging the executive producers to invest in more projects in the industry. 

Thanks for reading! Use the comment box below to let us know your thoughts.

Davis E Tabot for Iyunade Blog.

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