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Africans are a “Cursed People” – They Hate to Read!

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A curse will fall on all those who will comment or share this post on social media without reading. I bet you I am going to give a shout out to all those who have…

Congrats! You are one in a million…

If you are reading this now, just “Like” and do not drop a comment.

Many people comment on posts without ever reading it. They just comment on something they haven’t even read. Come to think of it – they will even stand and defend themselves that they read it when you tell them to go read.

If you are reading this now, then you are one of the few people who take their time to read before commenting. This will help us see what people have to say about this post in the comment section.

Iyun Ade Blog will be publishing this week an article: Why Do You Share or Comment on an Article Without Reading it?

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