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After the Reunion, what next for P-Square?

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The media and fans of the formerly defunct P-Square group were gripped with surprise last month when the duo reconciled their differences after four to five years of separation and going solo. According to media reports, the Okoye brothers had a family problem that led to ego, and consequently to separation. The twin brothers who’ve been doing music since the late 90s, and became prominent in the early 2000s were at one point the best musicians in Africa, and their stardom spread across almost every country in the continent and beyond.

P'square and their Manager Jude Okoye before their split.
P’square and their Manager Jude Okoye before their split.

Unfortunately, in 2017, things went southwards for them, and they decided to dissolve the most cherished musical ban in Africa, The P’Square, and went solo under the pseudonyms “Mr. P and Rudeboy“. This decision was kicked against by fans, well-wishers, stakeholders, and media influencers, but the two of them were bent on staying on their separate lanes, doing their separate businesses, and being independent of each other. During this period, they both released multiple singles, videos, an album each, attended several shows, received separate endorsements, and so on.

P'Square Boarding a private jet together after their reunion.
P’Square Boarding a private jet together after their reunion.

And just when people were beginning to get used to their separate brands and individuality, boom, they are back together after four years. Glimpses of their possible reunion started sprouting when the two brothers re-followed each other on Instagram and other social media platforms, and when Peter took the three children of his brother Paul shopping. This was around the 14th of November. And on the 16th of the same month, videos started circulating online wherein Peter is seen visiting his brother Paul with a bottle of his drink “Aphro“. The two brothers are seen hugging each other joyfully, and also present were other family members like their senior brother and manager of P-Square Jude Okoye. And that was the proof of their reunion.

Since then, the media has been buzzing about them, with some critics saying that they have decided to reunite after all these years because they are no more making waves as solo artistes like they used to do as a group. Others are congratulating them for putting their differences behind them and reuniting, despite the hurt and pain they must have felt before separating and during the separation respectfully. They too seem very happy after the reunion and haven’t stopped flashing their good moments together on the media. They have both visited each other, shown each other what they’ve been up to for the past four years, and their wives have also reconciled.

P'Square 2021 Birthday Photo.
P’Square 2021 Birthday Photo.

So what’s next for them after the Reunion?

Now that they are reunited once more, their fans around the world are expecting to receive good songs from them like before. And they’ve already started giving them their vibe as they have been seen severally performing their old songs together, doing interviews together, celebrating their birthday together, doing street shows together, and recently, they did their first international show in Sierra Leone.

They will be having their first concert on the 18th of this month titled “P’Square Reactivated“. They are promising that the three hours event is going to be monumental because they are coming back “BIGGER, BETTER, and STRONGER”.

P'Square Reactivated, the "BIGGER, BETTER, and STRONGER" concert
P’Square Reactivated, the “BIGGER, BETTER, and STRONGER” concert

After this mega-concert, we should be expecting a comeback song or album from them, and more tours, shows, and concerts.

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