Are you valiant enough to belong to the second group?

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Psychologists claim that there are five different types of people living in this world which exhibit these five different character traits or personalities: conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, openness to experience and neuroticism. The ones who are conscientious are the organized, advance planners and high aimers who sometimes maybe viewed as stubborn and obsessive. The ones who are extroverts are the outgoing people who are not bothered by the spotlight and are sometimes viewed as attention-seeking and overbearing. The ones who possess agreeableness are the committed, affectionate and trustworthy people who are seldom viewed as naïve and unassertive. The ones who are categorized under open to experience are the ones who, as the name indicates, are willing to explore different things and are curious and creative. Theyare sometimes considered to be impractical and unrealistic. Last but not least, there are the neurotic people who are characterized as emotionally unstable and are perceived to be temperamental and insecure. I am sure most people have experienced at least three of the aforementioned character traits not by it being displayed by different people but buy going through them themselves. In other words, a person should not be expected to have a constant personality because it is okay to go through various behaviors throughout the different stages of your life.

Personally, I believe there are really two different types of people in this world. I call the first group of people the “I will only rest in my grave” and the second group of people, the “life is too short”. People in the first group do not like settling. They do not see life as a one-time thing that comes to an end unexpectedly. They are so engrossed in what they want to achieve (the destination) that they never notice life’s highs and lows (the journey). They tend to think of life as a pattern which is usually set by family or society. These are the people who are prone to stress and depression because they are unable to realize that they inhabit this earth temporarily and usually attempt to satisfy their minds not their souls. On the contrary, there exist the second groups of people who are all about life’s journey. I think you need to be extremely brave and courageous to belong to this group. These people act daily as if they might cease to exist at any moment. They are constantly doing what their heart desires.

I cannot put myself into either one of my groups because no matter how much I say “life is too short” whenever I am about to do something that is “brave” in my world, I can never find the courage to get up, leave everything behind and ACTUALLY do what I want. I can’t also remain constantly dedicated towards achieving my goals whilst setting everything aside so I cannot put myself into the second group either. So third group coming right up… Anyways, whatever type of person you maybe or want to be, just never forget to be happy…or at least try:)

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