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Let’s Talk – A Cross Section of Askia’s Mindset

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Askia Karin; The Mysterious, crazy, daring and courageous Cameroonian Rapper.

Askia Karin could be likened to a dare-devil – to an experimentative little child, who must first touch the fire to know that it hurts. I really like that! It’s always that adventurous child in us that sends us on a journey of self-discovery and general awareness of our environment.


Some people are better off self-learned than taught! Askia Karin seems to be one of such persons.

Sometimes in life, the people who selflessly help us to become the better version of ourselves, are those we truly need! Being around judgemental people in most cases only end up building pressure with resultant consequences of low self-esteem on the part of the accused!

For all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory

Askia Karin’s storyline couldn’t be written any different, but a diversified and mysterious personality that she portraits, couldn’t be minimised to be viewed from one angle! In order to understand her mindset, you have to hold her up in your hand like a bottle so you can turn around to see from every angle.

Askia Karin Knight in shining armour.


Akia Karin is deep! I have carefully taken a trip down the memory lane, from her early days in Dirty South, Moloko; Buea, to the day at Berlyse when she portrayed herself as a prolific rapper. It was our usual nights out. My friends and I loved Berlyse because it was a dope spot……This night was different, El Swaggaric walked in with Askia.


She wasn’t the usual Askia Karin I had known. There and then, I caught the first glimpse of her morphism – she easily wowed us with her mic dexterity – leaving everyone spellbound.

Askia Karin is a flip-side personality, at your very worst bet, you will pick a tail, and at your best, you get served the head! You can equally see her as a 9-6 kind of person. Depending on the position, you will sometimes see a nine like a six and other times, a six as a nine!

Alpha Better Records once saw a nine in her, only to eventually change their stance that it was a six. 6 is a rebellious number, representing individuals who focused more on the outward than on the things that lie within them. 9, on the other hand, is a number for enlightenment, love, eternity,  and faith.

Engagement Things

Talking about love and faith. Rap Qilla has exhibited these qualities – he accepted Askia Karin for who she was – And probably, to please him,  she morphed to who she is. Let me, first of all, tell these love birds a big congratulation on their engagement!

Askia Karin

This article is intended to make Askia cry, laugh and most especially, to be proud of herself.

No matter what we say or write, it will only end up representing a cross-section of her mindset. it has not been a bed of roses for her. It has been a thick and thin kind of thing. Her story, though being, only but a cross-section; is worth being told so we can epitomise the strength of a woman.

Askia has been criticised for using hydroquinone, the active ingredient in skin bleaching creams to cheat nature. in her latest video, ” Let’s Talk”, we can see some pure melanin dripping. As a strong woman that she is, she perceived her criticisms in the positive light and reacted by proving that she can be naturally beautiful, popping every drop of her precious melanin.

I was thrilled, I was entertained and I was literally in tears listening and watching her latest video on Youtube.

Let’s Talk Is Deep!


We can vividly recall, she dared Kamer male rappers on a Mob Deep beat. Some came on her and rained insults. Now, I see her reply in the lines of the lyrics of “Let’s Talk”.

Give Guns to everybody for a fair fight.

you can replace anything you take from someone but not their lives.

Rather than spread good vibes, Y’all spread bullets; Cam for your house open fire then callam stray bullets.

She called a spade a spade and not a big spoon! The title of the song is self-explanatory. No matter the outcome of the war, everything will end up on a dialogue table, so why can’t we just get our asses down and talk? On that table, justice will be served and peace will reign. Let’s give Askia a round of applause for this masterpiece.

I’m ready for a talk, set the time and place, but I hope you don’t come with a gun right to my face.

One party is willing to talk, giving the other the upper hand to set the time and place, but again as treachery, as the other party can be, he will show up as customary with a gun. Guns down for a minute, let’s pray for a better day!

Giving the depth and courage Askia shown in this excellent song, I hereby add an additional feather on her red cap of fame.

I hope those male rappers who poured out their minds on her via the proxy of her Mobb Deep beats challenge, will equally display the sizes of the balls by acknowledging her as the Queen.

“Let’s Talk came at the right time, We are all tired of the war, the casualties on both sides are outrageous. Home and abroad, nobody is left untouched and affected. So many lives have been lost, the means of livelihood of many households have been permanently extinct, businesses closed among others.

Meet Adambi Mbango: Love, sex, Scandals and the Movies

Some time ago, Salatiel and a host of other artists teamed up and did a  “We need peace” Song. It wasn’t welcomed by their fans, nor by the agitated Anglophone population. Askia has single-handedly done it, in a 3 mins 25 seconds song, she wittily touched the most important points of the Anglophone crisis.

Fans and other stakeholders are happy with her and the positive feedbacks are just so overwhelming!

Askia Karin Feedbacks



Watch the Video and let’s Talk in the comment section below:

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