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African Women Fashion Trends 2019

Fashion Trends 2019 Fashion has always been the heart of a true African Woman. People believe that the way you dress determines your value and worth. Also, the way you get treated by people also depends heavily on how you dress and they are not wrong about that. Dressing in casual wear to a formal event or attending a casual meeting in an official dress may cause people to see you differently. This is why African Women like to dress… Read More
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Jovi Falls Short Of His Mboko Glory

Jovi, ‘God Di Kam’ – hmmm! Who’s the God that is coming in Jovi’s ‘God Di Kam’ EP? One thing I like the most about the Cameroonian Entertainment Industry is the polarization of opinions when it comes to Jovi Lemonstre and Stanley Enow. Recommended: How Stanley Enow created Locko In His Image And Likeness(Opinion) There exist a set of people who never see anything good in them, irrespective of what they do. This rivalry is somehow a booster, that comes… Read More

A Good Time To Divorce Complete Movie Download

A Good Time To Divorce Review Whenever I am watching a movie, I endeavour to get into the writer’s mind and predict, the end from the beginning. In ‘A Good Time To Divorce’, Nkanya Nkwai, beat me 5-0 to it! Nigerians have produced some excellent movies, but recently, every storyline seemed recycled! Ghanaians, with the actors like Majid Michel, Jackie Appiah, Nadia Buari and a host of others have contributed their bit to paint a brighter picture of Africa through cinematography.… Read More

Top 10 Entertainment Blogs In English Speaking Cameroon

3 years ago, English Cameroon could boast only of a few entertainment blogs like kinakablog, thehotjem, nextdimempire, 237showbiz, e-kwat and kamerkongossa of Valery Atia. Today, the narrative is different! The blogosphere in English Cameroon is experiencing a great renaissance. New Blogs and bloggers emerge on a daily basis, some show genuine interests in the profession as they go about learning from the professionals. Others pick-up titles, get their egos inflated and then start ranting on Facebook in the name of blogging. What… Read More
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Linda Ikeji: The Most Wack And the Richest Blogger In Africa

Linda Ikeji is the richest and the most Wack Blogger in Africa LINDA IFEOMA IKEJI BIOGRAPHY With the advent of social media, several lives have been changed and many have a fortune just from a computer and a connection to the Internet. Linda Ikeji is one of such persons who has benefited enormously from the world wide web and the internet. Before we delve into our subject matter of the day, it’s worthwhile for us to give our precious IB readers… Read More
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Blanche Bailly’s Split Personalities, Alter Ego and Demonic possession

Blanche Bailly Alter Ego and Demonic Possession. What is an alter ego? An alter ego could be looked upon as the dual or binary or secondary personality of an individual. The second personality is quite distinct from the individual’s personality they portray to the public. Some people have more than one alter egos. Blanche Bailly ‘s alter ego is discussed below. Popular Celebrities’ alter egos Celebrity Alter Ego Lady Gaga  Justin Bieber  Beyonce  Eminem  Nicki Minaj Miley Cyrus Katy Perry Jo… Read More
Top 10 Cameroonian Musicians Cameroonian Celebs Entertainment 

12 Most Googled Cameroonian Musicians With Unique Artistic Names

Top Cameroonian Musicians With Unique Artistic Names. An artistic name is a pseudonym used by musicians, performers, actors, dancers and other entertainers to distinguish themselves from other celebrities or ordinary people in society. We have ranked top Cameroonian Musicians who have unique artistic names below.  Artists are ‘brands’, and the first step to branding an artist starts with their artistic names. The importance of a unique artistic name cannot be over-emphasised.  Artists like Daphne, Jovi, Young Holiday and a flock of… Read More
Jovi LeMonstre Cameroonian Celebs Entertainment 

From Don 4 Kwat to Ngong 4 Kwat

Jovi and Stanley Enow Beef Jovi and Stanley Enow Beef is a lifelong beef which started in 2014 shortly after the latter’s win at the 2014 MTV African Music Awards. Jovi LeMonstre needs no further introduction on this platform! In one of our recent articles, we did introduce him to our readers. You can read more about him from this link Reasons why Jovi is stuck in ‘Yaounde’ We talked about Jovi’s Promotional plan being one of the reasons why he is stuck… Read More
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Nabil Nabstar Fongod crosses the red line

Nabstar  Rants with outrage.   Nabil Nabstar Fongod is an award-winning radio presenter, media personality and host of Nabstar Radio(Sweet FM). His input to ensure the sustainable growth of Cameroon’s entertainment industry is highly commendable and plausible.  Through his platforms, many talents have been discovered, and he’s one of the few persons whose win at the just ended BDMA goes without any questioning from every stakeholder. His outcome and fruits are quite visible for all to see.  Artists like Young… Read More
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BDMA: Bonteh Ridicules and Rubbishes Mimi Mefo’s Career as a Journalist

There seems to be a lot of growth in Cameroon recently. The Youths have taken up the challenge and are on the verge of making Cameroon great again. Among Cameroonian youths, Bonteh stands out unique with his ‘Bonteh Digital Media Awards’.  BDMA aims at rewarding Cameroonians who are making their names and stamping their brands in the digital world. These days, most things are done digitally and even the richest people in the world today are involved in one or… Read More