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Tech Tools you’ll want in 2019

Technology changes every year and completely changes the game, thereby creating a new paradigm shift and altering how things are done. In order to gain a competitive edge over other businesses in 2019, you need to be using new technology to increase productivity both at home and at work. Below are some new and exciting tech tools worth trying. Sofit  When you are setting exercise and fitness goal, it is very easy to lose interest in achieving these goals especially… Read More
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‘Made in Africa’ Fashion Brands You Should Know

With fashion taking over the world, Africans have been in constant pursuit of taking over the global fashion industry. In recent times, African brands have managed to pump out eye-catching designs and wide collections of attractive wears. In movie industries like Hollywood, top African fashion designers are influencing the movie set wears. This has brought more attention to Africa. Let’s have a look at top brands and fashion designers who have promoted the African culture to the world. In no… Read More
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Best gadgets 2019: most sought after gadgets

If you are thinking of getting the best of the “best gadgets”, this is the right time to do your shopping because the new years’ discounts are still available. To help you overcome the hassle of searching through endless gadget listings, we have put together a comprehensive list of 2019 top gadgets which are the finest gear on the market. Best Phone 2019 Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Samsung Galaxy S9 6.2-inch screen, 12MP rear, and 8MP front camera is the… Read More
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African Music Dominates Globally.

As night falls in Africa, thousands of people flood the clubs all hoping to enjoy the beats from their favourite Afrobeat stars. The African music industry has become a force to reckon with globally. Using social media, from Instagram to YouTube, African musicians are gaining recognition continentally and globally.  The exploding popularity of African artist has promoted a rise of musical collaborations between Africans and the western countries. These collaborations have over time earned Grammy nominations as well as awards.… Read More
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Falz released Fela sampled album, Moral Instruction

https://youtu.be/kVXSFPdTnHs   The year 2018 was a good one for Falz following his controversial “This is Nigeria” parody video. In the early hours of January 22, 2019, he released his fourth studio album, MORAL INSTRUCTION. Since then moral instruction is more than an album, it’s a movement, a re-orientation and a re-education. It has helped a lot of us to learn and unlearn most common ideologies. Obviously, we as African have lost our land all in the name of foreign… Read More
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Get $10,000 when you move to Locana- But you have to have a Kid.

Great news!!! Well, this news is great for Africans who are looking for how to leave their countries and become citizens of Italy. Just a week ago, a stunning Sicilian town announced that it was selling its homes for just 1 euro ($1.14). Does selling a house for $1 sound low for you? Well, the city of Locana in northern Italy has got a better offer and is offering people 9,000 euros to move there. That’s a whopping sum of… Read More

Boh Manyu China – Qingdao 2019 Convention

  It has been established–infact, I will state it here with certitude–the Manyu Man is a proud man. Yes, we are proud because we like to do things differently. Doing things big and outstandingly is simply a part of our genetic make-up. As an example, sons and daughters of the Manyu division of the Republic of Cameroon based in China convened for a 3-day convention held in the beautiful oceanic city of Qingdao, Shandong Province of the People’s republic of… Read More
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African Women Fashion Trends 2019

Fashion Trends 2019 Fashion has always been the heart of a true African Woman. People believe that the way you dress determines your value and worth. Also, the way you get treated by people also depends heavily on how you dress and they are not wrong about that. Dressing in casual wear to a formal event or attending a casual meeting in an official dress may cause people to see you differently. This is why African Women like to dress… Read More
God Di Kam Cameroonian Celebs Entertainment 

Jovi Falls Short Of His Mboko Glory

Jovi, ‘God Di Kam’ – hmmm! Who’s the God that is coming in Jovi’s ‘God Di Kam’ EP? One thing I like the most about the Cameroonian Entertainment Industry is the polarization of opinions when it comes to Jovi Lemonstre and Stanley Enow. Recommended: How Stanley Enow created Locko In His Image And Likeness(Opinion) There exist a set of people who never see anything good in them, irrespective of what they do. This rivalry is somehow a booster, that comes… Read More

A Good Time To Divorce Complete Movie Download

A Good Time To Divorce Review Whenever I am watching a movie, I endeavour to get into the writer’s mind and predict, the end from the beginning. In ‘A Good Time To Divorce’, Nkanya Nkwai, beat me 5-0 to it! Nigerians have produced some excellent movies, but recently, every storyline seemed recycled! Ghanaians, with the actors like Majid Michel, Jackie Appiah, Nadia Buari and a host of others have contributed their bit to paint a brighter picture of Africa through cinematography.… Read More