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Are you valiant enough to belong to the second group?

Psychologists claim that there are five different types of people living in this world which exhibit these five different character traits or personalities: conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, openness to experience and neuroticism. The ones who are conscientious are the organized, advance planners and high aimers who sometimes maybe viewed as stubborn and obsessive. The ones who are extroverts are the outgoing people who are not bothered by the spotlight and are sometimes viewed as attention-seeking and overbearing. The ones who possess… Read More
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Why you should date an Ethiopian Woman?

What you first see when you look at a person is their physical appearance. While nobody hates looking at something or someone that is beautiful, when it comes to dating and relationships, beauty is just the icing on the cake. What really matters is the personality and the value that person adds to your existence. In this excerpt, I will tell you why you should date an Ethiopian woman. To describe what they are like, I will tell you about… Read More
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Country X

Quite a lot has been said about this country that I am going to write about. Whatever I am going to say, I am sure you have heard about on different platforms or your day to day interactions with different people. For the sake of keeping it interesting, I will reveal the country’s name in the end and you can keep guessing throughout your reading. Found in the continent of Africa, this country is the most populous landlocked country in… Read More