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The Plight Of Being Born With Melanin – by Luhena Sisay

Racial injustice and systemic racism have been around for many years, and unfortunately, it still exists in 2020. It is sad to see the human race being treated less because of the melanin in their skin. There is less than a 0.2% genetic difference between the human race. There is no difference in the human colour genetically; all humans have the same colour; it is the melanin that produces different shade unto our skin. But it brings me great sorrow… Read More
Nature is all around us,most of us are normally perplexed at how livings things move,grow and die all in starfixed order.Well not to bore you with any of this so let’s jump into the main reason why I wanted to write about nature.In one word… Africa. The continent is filled with diverse countries and people enriching ethnicities.As much as I would like to talk about all the countries in this marvelous continent I will only talk about one country in… Read More