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BDMA: Bonteh Ridicules and Rubbishes Mimi Mefo’s Career as a Journalist

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There seems to be a lot of growth in Cameroon recently. The Youths have taken up the challenge and are on the verge of making Cameroon great again. Among Cameroonian youths, Bonteh stands out unique with his ‘Bonteh Digital Media Awards’. 

BDMA aims at rewarding Cameroonians who are making their names and stamping their brands in the digital world. These days, most things are done digitally and even the richest people in the world today are involved in one or two digital businesses.

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We saw a lot of improvements in the second edition of BDMA. As an objective platform, Iyunade Blog must applaud the organizers for a job well done. 

Even though BDMA has been accorded an accolade for being the most prestigious digital award in Cameroon so far, they wouldn’t go scold free for the irregularities that have been noticed and brought up by Cameroon’s high council of Facebook commenters.

The most trending of all the irregularities is the fact that BDMA awarded Mimi Mefo as the best blogger in Cameroon. What a shame? 

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Mimi Mefo is an award-winning journalist! We are not saying here that journalists cannot be bloggers. Journalist, of course, can run blogs, they can choose a blogging niche and update their page regularly with their views and opinions on the chosen niche. This is not the case with Mimi Mefo!

She’s the web publisher of Mimi Mefo Infos. She reports news just the way they occurred, without adding or stating her views or opinions. Reporting news based on facts and validated information is typical of journalists and not bloggers. 

Bloggers are highly opinionated people, most if not all of the articles written on their blogs are based on opinions. If Mimi Mefo were to be a blogger, she would have created a column on her website where she updates her audiences based on her opinions and views about any topic of her choice be it politics, religion, entertainment, etc.

As of now and the time of the awards, there existed no such column on her website. In my humble opinion, she’s not a blogger and didn’t merit to be awarded as the best blogger in a country where there many young people who have carved several niches for themselves as bloggers and are doing great.

Among all the comments on Facebook about this particular irregularity at the BDMA Awards, Prince Nfor Hanson Nchanji’s comment is one of the most educative:

Mimi Mefo News

Prince Nfor Hanson Nchanji is Mimi Mefo’s colleague! We cannot write so much on this! He said it all in very few words!

Another irregularity is Joan Ngomba’s absence! Being the red carpet host and the winner of the best blogger award in the previous edition of BDMA made it compulsory for her to have graced the award with her presence, but surprisingly, she was conspicuously absent. What can really be the reason for her absence? At this moment, we can only speculate! If you know, let us know in the comment section below.

Full list of Winners at BDMA Awards 2018

Best Video Director.

✓Nkeng Stephens

Best Blogger(Eng)

✓Mimi Mefo

Best Blogger (FR)


Media Personality of the year

✓Agbor Balls

Best Photographer

✓Studio 89

Best Artist Manager


Best Tv Show Host

✓MissP(Canal 2)

Best web series


Best Radio Host

✓Nabil Fongod(,Sweet FM)

Best Digital marketer


Best Digital Promoter


Best Online Magazine

✓Je Wanda Magazine

Innovation Of The year

✓Drone Cameroon

Best graphic designer

✓Felix Fokou

Best Relation officer

✓Clarisse Ndingue

Best social media campaign

✓No to drugs abuse

Best mobile App

✓Cameroon Gce guide

Best digital entrepreneur

✓Dariche Nehdi

Best news Website


Woman in tech

✓Rebecca Enonchong


Thanks for reading, use the comment section below to let us know what you think about the second edition of BDMA.

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7 Thoughts to “BDMA: Bonteh Ridicules and Rubbishes Mimi Mefo’s Career as a Journalist”

  1. Well in my own opinion, I blame the people who are making all the criticisms.
    Where were they when the nomination was done?
    Why is it now that people have become so wise after the voting?
    The public voted her and that’s final.
    Next time let findings be made and opinions advanced with facts during the process of voting so that eventual elimination or withdrawal of a nominee be made.
    You fit still call me sey PACE

    1. admin

      Thanks for reading and dropping your opinion. It counts! I remember that so many people talked about it when she was nominated but the award organizers gave a deaf ear.

      1. Tenzy Oben

        I now understand. But I still hold it that the others should have boycotted having noticed the irregularity.

  2. Terenceleprince

    The #BDMA is great initiative no disputing that, but it is far from “perfect” I dont know about the last edition, but this edition was marred with lots of irregularities not just the miss Mefo nomination, I just hope it gets better with time.,. As for miss Ngomba maybe she was in Ethiopia with Toy😁😁

    1. admin

      We applaud and appreciate the initiative and hope they will make it better next year.

  3. The irregularities this year were alarming. From the on-set I lost interest in the award when I noticed the nominations method, Categories and voting rules. It made the award lost value to me I don’t know if it same with others. Same complains that were made last year are popping up again. Instead of improving, it feels like they moved a step behind.

    1. admin

      you are right bro! From recent information I’ve gathered, it was more of a money-making event than rewarding hard work, reason why the majority of the winners are Francophones who sponsored the event.

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