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Blanche Bailey Runs out of creativity

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Overall Qualities


Ndolo has a 27-second spellbound intro. Kudos to the Video director for making the intro that short and captivating. Many people will follow the song right till the end so as to find out why Blanche Bailey was locked-up. I give a 5-star rating to the intro.

I will always give a 5-star rating to short and memorable Choruses. Ndolo got that!

The varieties of instrumental at the beginning of the song made it catchy. The low resonance instrument playing softly 3 minutes into the song made it more emotional. I give a 4.5 rating to the Instrumental!

For the outro, I think it was well blended! The transition, fading effect of the song was well on point. I give a 4.5 rating to the outro.

Commercial Potential

Ndolo will be a month old on the 16th of December. At the time of writing this review, it had already registered 309,394 Youtube Views. This implies it’s highly demanded and commercial in nature.

Performance Quality

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Blanche Bailey is a talented and somehow creative musician, but she will not go scold free for recycling one of her previous songs and selling it to us simply because she can make commercial songs. In my candid opinion, Ndolo is a recycled version of ‘Kam We Stay’.

‘I no want me this kinna ndolo’, ‘I no want me a Kam we stay’. Though Ndolo and Kam we stay have different visuals and wordings of the lyrics, the overall message is the same.

‘if you say you love me, you must kam go see my papa’; there, she was refuting a non-engaging love relationship.

Tu me parle de ndolo, mais tu veux pas t’engager. Still decrying a relationship which is not engaging.

Every day the same Tori, na who be Maga. Fighting deceptions in relationships.

Kind Kind tori, pour t’avoir dans son lit.

Though the lyrics of Ndolo is a recycled version of Kam we stay, I like her dual roles in the video; most especially the part she was in the box as a puppet.

Her vocals were on point.

Production and Recording Quality

The wild ass producer Mccoy did a good job in the production. The recording is also perfect. 1 hunnet!

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  2. TerenceLeprince

    Big up #Itunadeblo I like your style! It takes 5G brains like yours to spot what Blanche did.

    1. admin

      thanks for the positive words and for reading.

  3. james

    good findings, I have re-listened to Kam we stay and just like you put it, it has the same message like this new song.

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