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Blanche Bailly’s Split Personalities, Alter Ego and Demonic possession

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Blanche Bailly Alter Ego and Demonic Possession.

What is an alter ego? An alter ego could be looked upon as the dual or binary or secondary personality of an individual. The second personality is quite distinct from the individual’s personality they portray to the public. Some people have more than one alter egos. Blanche Bailly ‘s alter ego is discussed below.

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Alter egos, split personalities, demonic possession and internal conflicts of a single character is an agelong thing. Many Hollywood movies have depicted these in conflicts between ‘Peter Parker and the Spider-Man’,  ‘Jekyll and the Hyde’, ‘Bruce Banner and the Hulk’, ‘Bruce Wayne and the Batman’.

It’s worth noting that Alter egos are demonic entities. They possess individuals and make them do things they otherwise wouldn’t have done when on the horizon of their normal selves. 

I am very observant, and I can say, the Cameroonian entertainment industry is gradually embracing the western concept of alter egos and the Illuminati. I wrote an article on this website on how Stanley Enow Introduced Locko to the Illuminati.

Today, we will be examining Blanche Bailly ‘s alter ego! 

When Blanche Bailly released the Visuals of her latest song ‘Ndolo’, I did a review of the song(Blanche Bailey Runs out of creativity), but the song is making more sense to me after Blanche Bailly introduced her Alter Ego on Instagram. She calls her ‘Chuks’

Blanche Bailly
                                          Chuks & Blanche vous souhaite une bonne année.

Chuks is a tomboy as portrayed in the video of ‘Ndolo’. 

A tomboy is a girl who behaves like a boy. 99.9% of Tomboys are lesbians, they dress like boys, always putting their hands in between their legs like they want to grab a dick, and most notably, they bounce while walking.

The ‘Ndolo’ she sings about is the love between a Tomboy and a Blanche Bailly who has been transformed into a sex doll.

Blanche Bailly Ndolo

Blanche Bailly the sex doll helplessly cried foul to Chuks, telling her that:

Ya ndolo, ya ndolo, ya ndolo only for toto.

Tous les jours, tu me follow, Tous les jours tu me follow,

Follow mon botcho.

Chuks in disdain waved off the sex doll and bounces off to the next victim. The Video off Ndolo is pregnant with a lot of info!

Is Chuks the reason Blanche Bailly always exempts her middle finger from being polished?

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  1. Ngwan

    nice read here @Iyunade Blog, keep up the good job. We couldn’t see what you saw in the video, but this is an eye opener.

  2. TerenceLeprince

    The story is only making sense to me now. And if I’m interpreting it well following her alter ego stuff she should be a bisexual woman.

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