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Bobi Wine Attends Enkuuka Fête, Tells Youths to Rise Against Bad Leadership

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After his Boxing Day One Love Beach show along the shores of Lake Victoria in Busaabala shores was blocked by police and the army, Bobi Wine beat the odds and received cheers from fans when he climbed the stage to perform at the Enkuuka show. The show that took place at Lubiri Palace in Mengo was organized by the Kingdom of Buganda’s radio station, Central Broadcasting Service.

Bobi Wine whose real name is Robert Kyagulanyi is not only a singer but a politician and member of parliament for Uganda’s Central Region Wakiso District Kyandondo East constituency. He has been very critical of the government of President Yuweri Museveni. In July 2018, he organized the “National Peaceful Demonstration Against Mobile Money and Social Media Tax” with hashtag #ThisTAxMustGo.

According to Daily Monitor, he used the Enkuuka festival to call on the youths to rise up and fight against bad leadership. The fearless singer while performing one of his most popular song, Kyarenga stated that

Sometimes they use guns and then rule us like cows”.

If you are asleep, wake up…. We are the young trees and we should fight hard to take over this country,” he sang.

Bobi was selected by an audience-led process as the Africanews Personality of the Yearthat’s the most influential news maker throughout 2018. Dr Mukwege who won the 2018 Nobel Peace Price and Kemi Seba were voted Africanews personality of the Year in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, before becoming a politician thought he will use his music to spur social change in Uganda. To further his fight for “freedom” from the government of President Yuweri Museveni, he started the “People Power” which led to him entering politics and later on elected a member of parliament.

Amid deafening cheers from the mammoth crowd present at the Buganda Kingdom’s Enkuuka fête, the founder of the “People Power” movement said “If we are organised, we can kick this man out…” He said with unity and bravery, it is posible to kick out oppressors whom he says are a minority.

By Penn Tencha for Iyu Ade Blog

Image Credit: Abubaker Lubowa

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