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Bobi Wine Drops Tuliyambala Engule Music Video

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The Ugandan popular musician and politician, Bobi Wine has released a new music video, Tuliyambala Engule”. The new video features the faces of many Uganda politicians as they sing and dance to the message.

In the South Africa-like freedom songs during the days of Apartheid, the video portrays Ugandans enjoying change as they sing the chorus of the song, “When the struggle is over, we shall wear the victor’s crown. We shall walk with swag in the new Uganda.”

Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine in a recent interview with Baker Batte Lule and Simon Rasmussen said the easiest way to end the President Yuweri Museveni regime is by using the ballot box and not through violence. The Kyandondo East member of parliament added that Museveni can be ousted the way former president of Gambia, Yaya Jammeh was removed from power.

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Tuliyambala Engule features Nubia Li, King Saha, Pr Wilson Bugembe, Dr Hilderm, Irene Namatovu and Irene Ntale. The 4:43 minutes music video is produced by Bobi Wine’s long time pal, Dan Magic and video directed by Kim XP.

The video was published on Monday December 31 on YouTube. While sharing it on his Facebook Page, Bobi Wine had this to say to his audience while wishing them a “happy and revolutionary 2019”:

My wish for the new year is that as Ugandans, we shall be more united in purpose, more committed to the struggle, more courageous to confront the forces of evil, and more hopeful that we shall build a new Uganda which works for all of us.”


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In the song, he calls on all Ugandans to unite and be committed to the struggle that will build a new Uganda. He says the “People Power” movement which he leads, will celebrate after winning the fight against corruption, embezzlement, land grabbing and dictatorship.

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Download and watch Tuliyambala Engule music video below.

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