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Bobi Wine’s “Tuliyambala Engule” Banned, Police Says Residents Drink a Lot When it is Played

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Ugandan Police Bans Bobi Wine’s “Tuliyambala Engule” From Playing in Public Places

Bobi Wine’s latest music video Tuliyambala Engule featuring many other popular Ugandan musicians suffers another clumsy one, this time from the government after Pastor Bugembe said he regrets being part of the song. This time around, news reports say police in the Kyotera district have ordered for the song not to be played in bars and public places within the district.

According to PML Daily, bars in the Kyotera district have been asked not to play Bobi Wine’s two songs, Tuliyambala Engule and Kyarenga. The report says police claim the songs make people to become violent. The ban is alleged to have started in Mutukula, Kalisizo, Kansensero and Kyotera areas.

Contrary to the reports on the ban, the Police in Greater Masaka Region issued a statement debunking the allegations of stopping the songs from being played in bars and public places. The statement signed by SP Kigozi Lameck, Police Public relations officer for Greater Masaka read:

“Police in greater Masaka region refutes allegations that its personnel in conjunction with their other security operatives move around in clubs and bars stopping people from playing artiste Bobi Wine’s music and arresting DJs who play it.”

“This is not true and it has not happened anywhere in the region,” it continued.

The police in the statement also made it known that the information is coming from “known political actors and commentators” that are out to tarnish the image of the police in the region.

“However, Police will not hesitate to act in accordance with the law where activities of such political fanatics pose a threat to public order,” the statement adds.

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To add to the above, the Kyotera District Police Commander, Afande Grace Mutono confirmed that the police will work tooth and nail to fish out all those who do not follow their guidelines. She claims resident in the Kyotera District drink themselves out when Bobi Wine’s Tuliyambala Engule and Kyarenga are played.

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