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Bobrisky laments over not being able to cheat nature

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Bobrisky wants God to change the order of things.

Bobrisky cries on social media and proved to his fans that money and fame ain’t everything! The sun rules the day, and when the twilight comes; the moon takes over as the commander in chief and shines the night away. Fishes, know no other life, but for the one in their oceanic abodes and aquariums.

There are laws that govern the universe and there’s absolutely no way to cheat nature.

Bobrisky has really been useful!


He is a living testament. Testifying by way of his scientifical metamorphosis and at the same time portraying the differences between a real woman and the delusional societal mental slave in the personification of a slay queen.

Not everything in a wig, that has butts, and wears long synthetic eyelashes is a woman! Bobrisky is every proof you need.

A woman is a man with a womb.

The surgeries, the make-ups, the lashes, butts and wigs notwithstanding; Bobrisky is found short of the definition of a woman. The doctors may have cut off his phallus and replaced it with a glory hole, but as long as he remains void of a womb, he remains a man.

Born Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju, Bobrisky is a Nigerian social media sensation who became popular and rich after he sold his masculinity for thirty pieces of silver. A transfiguration that has left him looking beautiful. In his own words, on an Instagram, he said “even finer than a lot of girls”.

Since God can make me finer than lot of girls y can’t he give me a WOMB… d way pregnant is hungry me ehnnnn. I have money 💴 where can I buy womb 😢😢😢😢😢. If I can be pregnant for bae chai my own don better !!!!

Bobrisky cries on Instagram over lack of a womb

Bobrisky womb

Dear Bobrisky, to start with, God didn’t make you finer, science did! Secondly, you can’t be compared to girls/women. They have wombs, you don’t!

Your vicious prayer is an abomination unto the Lord. You expect him to go against his own institutions and distort the order of things. Hey Bob, until such a time when the moon supersedes the sun and presides over the day, will your illusionary womb be made manifest.

Bobrisky, at least you are daring enough to think a little bit out of that box of LGBT’s deceptions. For you to think about being pregnant, corroborates the fact that there’s an aorta of humanity left in you—the procreative power of the sexual energies—to ensure the continuation of the human species.


Dear Bobrisky, how can you help ensure humans do not get extinct? I know you care about humanity. Let’s suppose Heaven smiles on you and miraculously a womb is installed in your system and a male foetus loaded in it. Would you be proud of your son if he grows older and walks in your shoes? 

Aha hahaha! Surprisingly, even with all the money, yet, he can’t avail a womb. Am I the only one sensing undertones of regrets and lamentation in Bobrisky’s post. Obviously, ‘the money’ and fame came at a great price.

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