Boh Manyu China – Qingdao 2019 Convention

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It has been established–infact, I will state it here with certitude–the Manyu Man is a proud man. Yes, we are proud because we like to do things differently. Doing things big and outstandingly is simply a part of our genetic make-up. As an example, sons and daughters of the Manyu division of the Republic of Cameroon based in China convened for a 3-day convention held in the beautiful oceanic city of Qingdao, Shandong Province of the People’s republic of China.

The convention has been described as one of the best cultural events to have taken place in China.

CEO Davis E Tabot Displaying some traditional Dance steps

I, Davis E Tabot take an overdose of pride for being one of the main organisers of the prestigious Boh Manyu convention 2019, which has now become the yardstick other cultural groups use to measure the success of any event in China.

On the 6th of February, 2019; we welcomed our brothers and sisters who flew from other cities in China to partake in the convention with a palatable delicacy(Fufu & Eru) prepared with love and passion by the magical fingers of our sister Takor Ndip AKA Perfect Lady.

              Takor Ndip in the blue dress

The 7th of February was set aside for 3 activities, namely:

  • A general assembly by Boh Manyu China.
  • A football match between Boh Manyu and the Cameroonian community-based in Qingdao, China.
  • Dinner at Davis E Tabot’s residence.

During the general assembly, the constitution and bylaws of Boh Manyu china were enacted and exco members were elected.

                  Boh Manyu China Exco 2019-2021

We got done with the general assembly meeting at 1:30pm and moved immediately to the football stadium where we had a ‘Clash of the Titans’ football match between Qingdao Cameroon football group and the Manyu Tigers of Boh Manyu. As expected, Manyu tigers emerged victoriously.

From the field, everybody moved to my resistance to a special dinner(Achu). We ate and drank, and at about 9:00pm, we had a pre-gala night party somewhere classic. We danced and our Manyu brothers and sisters from other cities in China got acquainted with other Cameroonian folks based in Qingdao.

Some slayed and others got laid!



Fast forward to the 8th of February, the last day of the convention; the Gala-night! It was a big success, everyone was beautifully and elegantly dressed. We had some cultural presentations, a drinking competition and most remarkably, the president-elect of Boh Manyu intrigued the guests with an outstanding speech.



President’s Welcome Speech Given During Boh Manyu Convention at Qingdao, China

    CEO Ntui Daniel, President-Elect Of Boh Manyu China

“Dear friends,

Fellow countrywomen, fellow countrymen,

Distinguished guests,

Ladies and gentlemen:

Good evening to you all!

On behalf of the Boh Manyu community in China, I’d like to welcome you all to the Boh Manyu Convention of 2019.

My name is Daniel Ntui – and I stand here to represent Boh Manyu as their president.

Thank you very much for taking time out of your schedule to be part of this gathering tonight. We are very honoured by your presence.

Before kicking off, I’d like to take a few moments to introduce this community by giving you a brief history of the group and its vision.

“Boh Manyu” stands for “Children or people of Manyu” – Manyu being a division in the South Region of Cameroon.

Boh Manyu is not strictly limited, per se, only to people connected by blood to the Manyu division since we also have among us members connected by marriage or through other forms of affinity.

Boh Manyu, itself an apolitical and not-for-profit entity, was founded on the 1st of December, 2014. Thanks to technology (WeChat), we started as a group of former childhood friends, and then grew our membership steadily to about 100 members today. Throughout these years, we moved from a mere WeChat group to a more vibrant and impactful organization driving projects, initiatives in China and back at home.

We have had many gatherings as a community, but the event today is the largest so far bringing in members and sympathizers from across different parts of China.

Like any association, we’ve got a VISION.

The founding principle of Boh Manyu is SOLIDARITY. We strive to leverage our common ethnocultural bonds to build a force for good to empower ourselves, enrich our community and to foster development back at home. Among our objectives, Boh Manyu aims to serve as a platform where sons and daughters of Manyu in particular and of Cameroon – in general – can exchange with their fellow compatriots and foster socio-economic developments.

We are a family: in times of joy – during the birth of a child or a wedding, we celebrate with our brethren. In times of sadness, pain or suffering, we provide comfort and consolation to the afflicted.

As you already know, living and integrating in China can sometimes be very stressful and even unpredictable. In that light, Boh Manyu has played a key role in helping members by providing assistance in the form of useful tips, available career opportunities for job-seekers and guidance in education for students.

Our activities have not been limited only to our own members. As Cameroonians, we all are aware of the current crisis affecting Cameroon – particular in the Anglophone regions. This crisis has wreaked havoc of astronomical proportions in our community resulting in insurmountable pain, sorrow, frustration, anger and despair. Many lives have been lost; families have been torn apart; property damaged and more than 100,000 people have become internally displaced while others have fled to neighbouring countries to seek refuge. We, as a community could not be bystanders watching our brothers and sisters suffer without doing something to remedy their situation – no matter how small the gesture be.

Therefore, in December 2017, Boh Manyu initiated a fundraiser to assist the internally displaced persons afflicted by the Anglophone crisis. The first fundraiser had a massive turnout raising thousands of yuan. The funds were used to purchase food, medical and life supplies for the afflicted.

As the crisis continued, we couldn’t stop providing assistance, no matter the size of our contributions, because, in fact, as we came to understand, there were no small contributions. While we were not able to completely eradicate the suffering of our fellow men and women afflicted by the crisis, we still forged ahead making regular contributions as often as we could. Through that spirit of solidarity that binds us all we successfully organized 20 fundraising activities contributing thousands of yuan to help the IDPs.

This amazing feat could only be achieved thanks to the goodwill and empathy of members and sympathizers of the Boh Manyu community.

Please, join me in offering a round of applause to these wonderful people.

We, as a community, will not stop helping the afflicted and to that effect, we have made a solemn pledge to keep supporting them through the sacrifices we make until they can return to their homes to live in comfort, in peace and with dignity. Consequently, we shall be organizing a small fundraiser tonight and you are invited to support in your own way. The contribution is voluntary and you may opt to do so in cash or in kind or even as a pledge.

Boh Manyu has come a long way to where we are today and the initiatives that we’ve accomplished so far are a testimony that together we can achieve even more. We will continue to support initiatives back at home that brings development and progress because, while we have Cameroon at heart, we believe that by promoting development at the grassroots level, we’ll be setting the foundation for a prosperous nation.

I wouldn’t want to bore you or waste much of your time with a lengthy speech tonight.

But before closing, please allow me to seize this opportunity to thank the Qingdao Boh Manyu and Organizing committee the for making the investment and sacrifices to realize this convention.

I’d also like to thank the Boh Manyu members for their tremendous support, for being their brothers’ & sisters’ keepers in China and back in Cameroon and for entrusting the members of the executive bureau with the helm of this community.

Finally, I’d like to thank and acknowledge you all here tonight, some of you have travelled from afar to be here with us. Thank you to the Qingdao Cameroonian community and affiliates; thank you to those who’ve been supportive in one way or the other to our causes and initiatives. Many of you have actually partaken in the fundraisers as contributors: we are very grateful.

We have prepared something for you – it might be small – but it’s a token of our appreciation and gratitude. We hope you enjoy it.

Thank you once again for honouring us with your presence, and on behalf of the Boh Manyu Community in China, I’d like to wish you and your families a Happy 2019 and a Prosperous Year of the Pig.”

We plan to make the second edition of Boh Manyu convention greater.

Thanks for reading.

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