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12 Most Googled Cameroonian Musicians With Unique Artistic Names

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Top Cameroonian Musicians With Unique Artistic Names.

An artistic name is a pseudonym used by musicians, performers, actors, dancers and other entertainers to distinguish themselves from other celebrities or ordinary people in society. We have ranked top Cameroonian Musicians who have unique artistic names below. 

Artists are ‘brands’, and the first step to branding an artist starts with their artistic names. The importance of a unique artistic name cannot be over-emphasised. 

Artists like Daphne, Jovi, Young Holiday and a flock of other artists made a mistake when they were choosing their artistic names. In order for us to understand what I mean by a ‘mistake’, a simple google search will suffice!

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Let’s start with Jovi: 

Jovi Lemonstre

The search result as seen on the screenshot above is self-explanatory! When you type the artistic name ‘Jovi’ on google and run a search, the first result you will find is Bon Jovi. Very few of the search results will point you to the actual Jovi you are searching info for. 

Young Holiday is a bit better than Jovi in search engine rankings, but it will require hard work from bloggers to build for him a unique brand on search engines. When you run a search on google with ‘Young Holiday’ as your search phrase, you will find some results pointing you to the artist ‘Young Holiday’, but many other results direct the searcher to Holiday destinations.

Young Holiday

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As a brand, an artist is not supposed to have any competition coming from their own name. This reiterates the importance of choosing unique artistic names to kickstart the branding process.

Daphne has the worst artistic name when looking from the perspective of search engines. Even though Jovi and Young Holiday compete with other brands on search engines, at least some info about them pops up on the first page of google. Daphne, on the other hand, no article written about her by bloggers is found between the 1st-20th page of google search results. 

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Daphne songs

Google Search Statistics:

Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average, which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide.

Artists who do not have unique brand names miss out a lot of opportunities. Let’s say an investor who attended Daphne’s concert, gets to love her on-stage performance and wishes to know more about her. Where do think the investor will go looking for information about her? Google is the number one search engine in the world, the investor for sure will make a quick search on google. 

I had to take time to explain the importance of unique artistic names, so that, upcoming artists will not make the same mistake Daphne and other established artists made. 

Let’s get to our ranking of the most popular Cameroonian musicians with unique artistic names on Google. The ranking below is based on keyword research using Google AdWords. Google AdWords is a keyword research tool used by professional bloggers to plan keyword they intend to rank on Google.

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Top 10 Cameroonian Musicians

Top Cameroonian musicians

most popular Cameroon musicians

12. Mel B Akwen.

mel b akwen

Mel B Akwen has a search Popularity of 390. She’s the 12th most searched Cameroonian musician based on Google AdWords popularity ranking.

11. Blaise B.

blaise b

With an AdWords popularity of 880, Blaise B is the 11th most popular and search Cameroonian musician on Google.

10. Tzy Panchak.

tzy Panchak

Tzy Panchak occupies the 10th position because of his 1900 search popularity on Google AdWords.

9. Reniss.


Reniss is the 9th most searched Cameroonian musician on google. She has 2900 search popularity.

8. Mani Bella.

5400 search popularity.

8. Stanley Enow.

stanley enow

As seen on the screenshots above, Stanley Enow has a total of 5400 search popularity, therefore, he is the 8th most popular and searched Cameroon musician on Google. He has the same search popularity with Mani Bella.

7. Salatiel.


9900 search Popularity

7. Magasco.


Magasco has a search popularity of 9900, the same with Salatiel; they both occupy the 7th position.

6. Coco Argentée.

6th most googled Cameroonian musician with a search popularity of 12100.

5. Lady Ponce.

14800 as search popularity

4. Petit Pays.

petit pays

search popularity of 18100.

4. Blanche Bailly.


Blanche Bailly comfortably occupies the 4th position with a search popularity of 18100. The same position as Legendary Petit Pays.

3. Locko


Locko is the 3rd most googled Cameroonian musician because of his 22200 search popularity.

2. Charlotte Dipanda

charlotte dipanda

Charlotte Dipanda has a search popularity of 27100. She’s the second most googled Cameroonian musician.

  1. Mr. Leo

Mr. Leo

With a Google AdWords search popularity of 40500, Mr. Leo occupies the 1st position as the most searched home based Cameroonian musician on Google. Banso no d carry last!

The ranking is only for home-based musicians. Musicians like Daphne, Jovi, Tenor, Minks, Franko and Maalox are not on the list because of their artistic names. They do not have unique artistic names and other competing brands would have influenced their search popularity, so they are not qualified to be on this ranking. 

Thanks for reading, If you find this ranking interesting, kindly share until it reaches every celebrity on the list.

Use the comment section below to let us know your thoughts.

Davis E Tabot for Iyunade Blog.

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    Amazing facts! I remember in 2014 when I heard about job for the first time(yeah I knew Nfor Godlove but not jovi) I was frustrated trying to get info on him, choosing a unique brand name is key! Hope many new acts learn from this. Daphne is too common, and they exist alot of holiday, (Johnny, j, etc)

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