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The Plight Of Being Born With Melanin – by Luhena Sisay

Racial injustice and systemic racism have been around for many years, and unfortunately, it still exists in 2020. It is sad to see the human race being treated less because of the melanin in their skin. There is less than a 0.2% genetic difference between the human race. There is no difference in the human colour genetically; all humans have the same colour; it is the melanin that produces different shade unto our skin. But it brings me great sorrow… Read More
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Why you should date an Ethiopian Woman?

What you first see when you look at a person is their physical appearance. While nobody hates looking at something or someone that is beautiful, when it comes to dating and relationships, beauty is just the icing on the cake. What really matters is the personality and the value that person adds to your existence. In this excerpt, I will tell you why you should date an Ethiopian woman. To describe what they are like, I will tell you about… Read More
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Country X

Quite a lot has been said about this country that I am going to write about. Whatever I am going to say, I am sure you have heard about on different platforms or your day to day interactions with different people. For the sake of keeping it interesting, I will reveal the country’s name in the end and you can keep guessing throughout your reading. Found in the continent of Africa, this country is the most populous landlocked country in… Read More
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Best Fitness Tracker For Your Exercise

I care about your health, so should you. Exercising daily is a good habit that one must cultivate. It helps you burn fat and as well keep you fit and healthy. Everyone needs a fitness tracker when exercising. A good fitness tracker should be a handful, capable of tracking your calories, sleeping duration, steps during recreational activities and even improve your health status in some ways. Best Fitness tracker watch – Fitbit Charge 3 Fitbit Charge 3 is an activity… Read More
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Miss Congo Wins Miss Africa 2018, Hair Catches Fire

Dorcas Kasinde, Miss Congo Beauty Pageant has won the Miss Africa 2018 Beauty Pageant that took place in Calabar, the Cross River State of Nigeria. The contest that took place early Friday morning at the Calabar International Conference Centre saw Miss Kasinde beat Zambia’s Gladys Kayumba (third place) and Nigeria’s Chiamaka Nnaemeka (second place) to win this years Miss Africa Beauty Pageant which is in its third edition. The winner went home with $35,000 and a sports car. The crown… Read More

11 Things Slay Queens Post On Instagram That We Are Tired Of Seeing

At first, I was confused to who exactly a slay queen was. Is she someone who is strikingly beautiful with an eye for good fashion and makeup? I came to a conclusion that a slay queen is not a woman, she is a girl trying to look like she is Beyonce material but she is more of a socialite. A socialite that is ratchet and trying to pretend that she has made it in life. Her IG is filled with endless photos of her… Read More
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Miss Africa 2017 Gaseangwe Balopi is a Beauty in these Photos!

Gaseangwe Balopi, who was crowned Miss Africa 2017, has shared new photos with BN and she looks absolutely gorgeous! Fondly called Gase B, she is from a village called Tonota in the Central District of Botswana. Gase B is a University of Botswana student who also dabbles in fashion, styling as well as modelling. Her modelling and pageantry journey began when she made it as a Miss Botswana finalist in 2016 and then went on to be featured in Elle Magazine South… Read More

Temi Otedola shares her Quick & Easy Everyday Makeup Tutorial in New Vlog | Watch

Fashion blogger, Temi Otedola is out with a new video on her YouTube channel, JTO Fashion. In this video, she’s showing us her quick and everyday makeup look. She says: It’s been a minute since my last makeup tutorial so I was so excited to film my everyday makeup routine for you guys. This is a quick and easy tutorial showing the makeup I usually wear during the daytime, or when I just want a little glow and definition on my… Read More