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Four Popular Sounds from Cameroon.

Cameroon is known as Africa in miniature, not just for its variety in landscape, vegetation, animals, natural and mineral resources, it also has some of the best cultures and traditions in Africa. It is in these diverse cultures that some of the most popular sounds of the country have been built from local to international levels.    Cameroon has some of the best and richest cultures in Africa, and it is but normal to blend these cultures in music and… Read More
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“ONA” by Jbwai ft. Tropicoboy Review

Michael Baiye who is better known by his stage name “Jbwai” was born on September 28 1993. He is a Toronto based Cameroonian musician, singer, songwriter and record producer signed with Don Music Group. Jbwai has created a unique style of Afrobeat / Afrofusion sound with major collaborations with other top artists in the game. This artist who is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, made his first venture into music when he was 24. Now at 26, he has released several… Read More
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Jovi’s Ouleu, The Wackest 237 Song In 2019?

I have been tagged on several Facebook posts to do a review of Jovi’s latest video ‘Ouleu’. The Mboko gang is known and reputed for unparalleled savagery. As a matter of fact, only the strong will dare to hold a contrary opinion to the stance of the Mboko gang. Jovi is the recipient of unconditional love from his gang members. Therefore, we do not expect the mboko gang members to ever say or see anything wrong in whatsoever Jovi does.… Read More
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Cameroon: Artiste, Diwouta Fatally Stabbed Several Times Around the Deido Neighborhood

Alain Parfait Diwouta Milla, author of the hit song “Elyssa” received knife wounds yesterday April 9, 2019 after he was stabbed several times. The artiste, singer, rapper and beat-maker announced it on Facebook yesterday after he was discharged from the Deido District Hospital later that day. “Coups de poignards… il y a eu plus de peur que de mal, ça va aller” (Stabbing … the fear of being stabbed was more than the harm. It’s going to be fine), he… Read More
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Lapiro De Mbanga Shares His Mboko Glory with None, Not Even Jovi.

Who Started Mboko Rap? A Brief Summary of the History of Mboko Fela Kuti founded Afrobeats. Wizkid and Davido made millions of dollars by selling their arts on the default template of Afrobeats to the world. Irrespective of their popularity and fame, they always give credit to Fela Kuti. In Cameroon, Mboko is a street language, it’s an ideology and equally, it’s a form of music—a form of music that has been innovated into a sub-genre—known today as ‘Mboko Rap’… Read More
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Let’s Talk – A Cross Section of Askia’s Mindset

Askia Karin; The Mysterious, crazy, daring and courageous Cameroonian Rapper. Askia Karin could be likened to a dare-devil – to an experimentative little child, who must first touch the fire to know that it hurts. I really like that! It’s always that adventurous child in us that sends us on a journey of self-discovery and general awareness of our environment. HOW STANLEY ENOW CREATED LOCKO IN HIS IMAGE AND LIKENESS(OPINION) Some people are better off self-learned than taught! Askia Karin… Read More
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Does Jovi’s God Don Kam Album worth the wait and hype?

After announcing the coming of God in God Di Kam EP, Jovi has kept his word to his fans and the entire public by dishing out his latest album, “God Don Kam” early today. The 14-track album comes exactly one month after his 7-track EP. It should be noted that this is the 4th album of the multi-talented rap artiste from Cameroon. The 14-track album is delivered in English, French, Pidgin and Limbum (his mother-tongue). Jovi is one of the… Read More
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General Valsero Abandoned by His Music Comrades

Music is not only about entertainment and this has been proven in many instances where we find musicians in jail because of their stance against those in power. There are many of them spending jail time because they protested or demanded for social justice – poverty, social inequality, political oppression, and others. On the other hand, many have found themselves in prison because of their regrettable behavior. I am not talking about these ones in particular although some of them… Read More
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Petit Pays Latest Album “Wala Longo’o” Released

Just some months after his accident, Cameroon’s King of Makossa Love, Adolphe Claude Moundi popularly known as Petit Pays, has released his latest album, Wala Longo’o. In a press release on January, 23 2019 announcing the album release, his promoter and manager, Moh Kukouri VIP Production wrote: “When death stares you in the face, then stare right back and ROCK. Petit Pays had been in a fatal accident a few months ago. The composition and recording of this album “WALA… Read More
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Jovi Falls Short Of His Mboko Glory

Jovi, ‘God Di Kam’ – hmmm! Who’s the God that is coming in Jovi’s ‘God Di Kam’ EP? One thing I like the most about the Cameroonian Entertainment Industry is the polarization of opinions when it comes to Jovi Lemonstre and Stanley Enow. Recommended: How Stanley Enow created Locko In His Image And Likeness(Opinion) There exist a set of people who never see anything good in them, irrespective of what they do. This rivalry is somehow a booster, that comes… Read More