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Sellouts: Music, Politics, Revolution and Legacy

Political musicians, Musicians Who Sing For Their Stomachs Rather Than to Impact The Society. Today, we have more of political musicians who sing solely for fame and their stomachs. There are actually two types of political musicians; One uses his/her music to influence politics and policies, while politic influences the music and policies of the other. Political expressions through music and songs have been part of many cultures and countries in the world. I can remember the likes of South Africa during… Read More
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Tithing:Scamming in the name of God and the 13 Tribes of Israel

What’s tithing? Who was the first person to tithe in the bible? The 13 Tribes of Israel. When and why did tithing become a law in the Old Testament? Is it necessary for Christians under Grace to tithe? What’s tithing? Tithing = Tenth! And all the tithe of the land, whether of the seed of the land or of the fruit of the tree, is the LORD’S: it is holy unto the LORD. ( Leviticus 27:30 ). Tithe or Tenth… Read More
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How Stanley Enow created Locko In His Image And Likeness(Opinion)

The things written below about Stanley Enow and Locko are my opinions, they may differ from the reality, but it’s clear that such things do exist in the entertainment industries these days. Stanley Enow & Locko We watch a lot of movies, and music videos every day. Most people watch these videos just for entertainment purposes, whilst others watch to pick out the messages, and symbolism. Recommended: Every man needs a woman like Mary Njoku So many secret societies like… Read More
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I was told by my Biology teacher that sex is the insertion of a stiff penis into a lubricated vagina, but that’s actually a baser way to look at the greatest energy and life driving force known to man. Many people have for long looked at this energy as just the blood that rushes into their penises to make them erect,  or as those tingly emotions that make women wet, but again, that’s a lesser way to look at this… Read More