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“A Good Time To Divorce” To Be Screened At The Switzerland International Film Festival

It is just another recognition for the Cameroonian movie “A Good Time To Divorce”. After taking home many awards at the prestigious Golden Movie Awards that took place on June 2, 2018, in Accra Ghana, the movie has been announced for the Switzerland International Film Festival, SIFF that will take place on December 17 – 21 2018. A Good Time To Divorce is directed by Nkanya Nkwai and produced by Eddie Boris and Lami. It stars the multiple award-winning actor… Read More
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REVIEW: Desmond Elliot’s “Orunsewa” Is Shoddy Work & Doesn’t Rise Above Mediocrity

BY IFE OLUJUYIGBE Think of Orunsewa as a junior secondary school stage drama, complete with repetitive props, singing, cheesy depictions of heaven and love that begs for life. Orunsewa tells the story of a princess from heaven who comes to earth and falls in love, then refuses to return to heaven despite her mother’s warnings about the wickedness of humans. She marries the prince of Ayede, sacrifices her womb for him when he has to go to war and is unable to bear… Read More
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Nollywood has been taken over by homosexuals – Paul Obazele

Veteran Nigerian actor, Paul Obazele in a recent interview with Saturday Beats opened up on the state of the movie industry in Nigeria revealing that it is now run by homosexuals. In his words; ”I WOULD NOT LIE, WE HAVE GAY PRODUCERS AND LESBIANS IN THE NIGERIAN ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY AND THEY ARE THE PEOPLE IN CONTROL. WHY ARE WE HIDING IT? WHEN I WAS PRESIDENT OF THE ASSOCIATION OF MOVIE PRODUCERS, I WAS AGAINST THEM. WHY ARE WE PRETENDING THAT IT… Read More
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THEATRE: New rhythm in Lagos

Once the sleepy backwater of Nigeria’s cultural space, contemporary theatre is staking its claim in the arts scene Every holiday season, the Lagos entertainment scene goes into overdrive. Concerts, festivals, art exhibitions, end-of-year parties and award ceremonies compete for media coverage and the attention of moneyed patrons. But this was the first time a stage musical caused such a buzz! Ending its debut run in mid-January, Fela and the Kalakuta Queens focuses on the life of the late Afrobeat pioneer… Read More