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10 African Couple Wears For All Occasions

African couple wedding outfits | Dashiki couple outfits | Matching Ankara outfits for couples Africa has the best culture and fashion wears. A typical African will have at least one native wear or Ankara wear. We are always proud of where we come from. I have listed out 10 different African wears for couples, you can pair up with your partner by sewing the styles you see in this article. BBNAIJA 2019: ORGANIZERS REVEAL WHEN REALITY SHOW WILL FINALLY START This is the… Read More

2019 Trends That Matter

You may be having a hard time figuring the trends that will look good on you. There’s a lot. Plus, as you scroll through the looks from your favorite designers, questions of whether or not a trend is actually worth it, if it’s going to stick around, etc., probably race through your mind on repeat. I am here to narrow your focus with a curated menu of the top looks of 2019 that actually matter. Asvivid Women’s Striped Off Shoulder… Read More

African Women Shoe Trends 2019

Let your shoes do the talking.  An African woman develops her own personal style by wearing the brands and designers they like the most. Thanks to online stores, ladies can now get their favourite brands without breaking their budget. If you are looking for the new shoe trends, then let me show you the footwears that are in Vogue Vivi Fashion High Heel Pointed Nude Clear Pumps Heels Slip-on Dress Shoes for Women This Synthetic and traditional handmade shoe is… Read More
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Latest Nigerian Men Fashion Wears (2019)

Nigerian Men do know how to dress. Ebuka the MC of Big Brother Nigeria always sets the internet on fire by wearing clothes that are unique and different. Nigerian men always express a deep sense of fashion irrespective of their age and religious background. This can be seen by the way they wear their traditional attires with elegance and majesty. This display of native variety by Nigerian men is common during religious gatherings, political meetings, birthday celebrations, marriage feasts and… Read More

The latest Fashion Trends in Nigeria

Nigeria has always been a trendsetter country and it is popular for its multi-cultural background and its beautiful fashion sense.  The latest 2019 trends include more of English attires and accessories instead of its motherland dresses. Most Nigerian men and women are copying the fancy lifestyle of its celebrities and are trying so hard to dress well and not break the bank in the process. Items like Sneakers, PVC heels, male bracelets and handbags are the most sought after Trends… Read More
Trend Alert! Fascinators is the new heart of fashion in Africa Fashion 

Trend Alert! Fascinators is the new heart of fashion in Africa.

Women who attend Aseobi parties now wear artistic and heavy headgear. Hair fascinators have mostly been worn to church event but the new trend has women wearing this hat everywhere they go. Every hair fascinator has upped their game and gets bigger every Saturday. Women like _timmaazmillinery on Instagram has taken the whole Fascinator game to a whole new level. Even if you were not interested in the trend before, the new looks would get you interested.  These timeless pieces… Read More
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‘Made in Africa’ Fashion Brands You Should Know

With fashion taking over the world, Africans have been in constant pursuit of taking over the global fashion industry. In recent times, African brands have managed to pump out eye-catching designs and wide collections of attractive wears. In movie industries like Hollywood, top African fashion designers are influencing the movie set wears. This has brought more attention to Africa. Let’s have a look at top brands and fashion designers who have promoted the African culture to the world. In no… Read More
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African Women Fashion Trends 2019

Fashion Trends 2019 Fashion has always been the heart of a true African Woman. People believe that the way you dress determines your value and worth. Also, the way you get treated by people also depends heavily on how you dress and they are not wrong about that. Dressing in casual wear to a formal event or attending a casual meeting in an official dress may cause people to see you differently. This is why African Women like to dress… Read More
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L’industrie de la mode au Cameroun et ses différents contours

L’industrie de la mode au Cameroun La mode est un art ou chacun peut créer et laisser exprimer son talent. Au Cameroun elle manque encore de professionnalisme, de créativité, de designers formés et motivés qui veulent évoluer, ce qui l’empêche de se développer normalement comme dans les autres pays. C’est une industrie de la mode encore artisanale, on note pour cela l’absence de centres de formation compétents, une perception erronée de la chose et des mœurs qui minent ce secteur… Read More
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Miss Africa 2017 Gaseangwe Balopi is a Beauty in these Photos!

Gaseangwe Balopi, who was crowned Miss Africa 2017, has shared new photos with BN and she looks absolutely gorgeous! Fondly called Gase B, she is from a village called Tonota in the Central District of Botswana. Gase B is a University of Botswana student who also dabbles in fashion, styling as well as modelling. Her modelling and pageantry journey began when she made it as a Miss Botswana finalist in 2016 and then went on to be featured in Elle Magazine South… Read More