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Celebrity Breakup: “No One Wants to be in Abusive, Draining Relationship”, Shatta Michy

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It is just a few months back that Shatta Wale proposed to her long time sweetheart and baby mama, Shatta Michy in an epic style. It was in October 2018 when he surprised close to 10,000 fans during the launch of his third album, Reign when he removed a ring and asked “Shatta Michy, will you marry me,” after kneeling down in front of her.

See Shatta Wale Propose to Michy on Stage

The first month of the new year is yet to come to an end and the two Ghanaian celebrity couples are at daggers drawn.Shatta Michy is allegedly accusing Africa’s dancehall king, Shatta Wale for sending his nude pictures to bloggers in other to embarrass her.

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In an Instagram post which must have been deleted by the time this post was written, the Shatta queen wrote [source: PeaceFMOnline]

“Who wants to be with someone sends pics (pictures) he took of u (you) and your private life…to bloggers, just to spoil your life…,”

According PeaceFMOnline, she had earlier posted on her instastory that

“… no one wants to be in abusive, draining relationship”. And in another post, she wrote

you have no idea how it’s like dealing with someone who’s always looking for faults on you, they don’t trust cuz they can’t be trusted, insecure, the ego, false accusations, battery, threats, no compassion as I don’t show him all the compassion”.

PrimeNewsGhana earlier reported that Michy had allegedly stabbed “husband” Shatta Wale and run away with their son Majesty. It is also claimed that she took a Range Rover and documents along with her. Other reports show that a lady, who manages @those_called_celebs Instagram page says Shatta Michy presented to her documents that proved she was the owner of the car contrary to what other reports are saying. She posted:

I dnt joke on ma page ooo…smart people know watever i write is nothing but de truth but some people just makes it looks like joke but those who knows de story knows wat am saying. …Michy came to ma DM yesterday with documents which claims she be de right owner of de Range Rover but not Shatta….for dat one de3…i will back her cux dax wat she also gained from the relationship. Can u guys ask Michy wat happened after de day she was given dis promise ring??? Fight paaaa in de house…charley.”

There is also an alleged leaked chat making waves online which shows that Shatta Wale verbally abuses and disrespects Michy. On the other hand, PrimeNewsGhana also published a WhatsApp chat where the dancehall king and leader of the Shatta kingdom things Michelle is cheating on him.

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Is Shatta Michy doing drugs?

Shatta Wale seems to be shocked that Michy will leave him with all the luxury just to chase drugs. In an Instagram post, he claims he has given her everything that a Ghanaian woman will want to enjoy.

People should stop calling me for info ,if you don’t love a nigga ,you just have to dump him and leave his tingz and go but don’t run away with nigga’s properties for nigga to come chase for it to look like there are no prettier girls in the world.. You got it all ,the cars ,mansion,money ,ur peers even envy your life and it hurts some of them seeing you behave like that . Many girls in Ghana will be disappointed in you for having all this luxury life and all you want to do is live a wayward life of drugs .. @those_called_celebs@thosecalledcelebss Medo k)su na kyer3 nu the meaning of love”

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