Ciara – I Got You (Official Video)

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45 Thoughts to “Ciara – I Got You (Official Video)”

  1. Só a única brasileira q assiste esse vídeo até hj ._.

  2. When i watch this vedio it makes me missed my son alot he's not arround because of the quarantine i love u Son😍😍😍

  3. Now russell got y'all ❤️

  4. Kenya Moore brought me here… Just saw a montage of Kenya and her miracle daughter on IG and this song was playing in the background. The song is beautiful!! I was so touched.

  5. I'm a single mom and today is my smallest son's birthday im making him a video and this song was just so perfect i got emotional cause I feel the words..once there's life in my body imma always got my kids….happy birthday…..

  6. Love this song but guys will never grow up from there mom's boobs they will always listen to there part not who they make a life with it's better of being single and happy instead if being with someone who will never listen to us real sht and the ones are crying is there children but we momma's are strong😘

  7. Nice video for new PSA

  8. this is soooo beautiful his laugh in the intro😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥺🥺🥺🥺

  9. I love this so much….thank you Ciara…..I a fan of your music and your off screen personality it shines bright continue to be real….love that an I wish you well and more wealth!

  10. He’s so cute!!!

  11. Do it 👧

  12. I am her granddaughter and me and my dad loves Ciara 💕

  13. Love❤

  14. I sung this to my baby boy almost everyday when I was pregnant & even now with him being almost 6 weeks … mommy loves you Kaleb 💙 forever

  15. I’m crying

  16. I love the song i am crying the entire video, im going to learn this song since my daughter and i never seen each other for 10 years since she was a baby,we’ve been together for only 3 months,and i need to go back to work,im working here in Korea and she is in the Philippines, this month we will reunited again and i will sing this song to her, she’s 10 in November and our last seen was February 15 2011😢

  17. When i get my first kid i will sing this song to them

  18. R.c,J.c,G.c,A.s…I love u all with my whole heart.momma got u thru everything life gives u.

  19. Every parent should be able to relate to this song.

  20. God bless my womb.

  21. Who her in” 2020”

  22. Loving every word, its so true

  23. I am pregnant and single , this song made me soo emotional I cried 🥺❤️ my baby might not have a dad but she will have a hard working mom that can do the job for both mom and dad

  24. They laugh is highly annoying asf

  25. I love this song it makes me want to cry I lost my Mom and Dad😰😭

  26. I sing this for my nephews when my older brother goes to work, he became a dad at 17 to twin boys, and his girlfriend killed herself 3 months after birth..
    My brother works hard… a lil too hard. So I babysit a lot… I’m glad to have these two precious boys in my life

  27. I’m crying 😢

  28. OH my god, what 4K didn't like this, Grow a HEART💓, I know we are entitled to our opinion but who do you think She made this song for? Her Son!!! DANG!!

  29. God bless you and your family😘😘😘😘💕💕💕💕💕🌹👍🥀👍🥀

  30. FEAR GOD NOT man

    Done SORRY 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  31. Sitting here crying true tears right now. I am a single mom to 3 amazing kids and today is my son's 18th birthday. I dedicate this song to my kids because I would kill a fool for my kids; go to the ends of the world and back for them as well. Reading these comments of people desiring to have a baby or someone who lost their baby or babies has touched my heart. To anyone who reads this but especially those who have lost a baby no matter if you were pregnant or gave birth to a sleeping baby, to those who desire to be a mommy or daddy and yet it hasn't happened for you yet, just know that I am sending you virtual hugs and kisses!!! I love you and God bless you!!!!

  32. Becareful who you fall in love with. It's not right for you to do things or Suffer Anything horrible. So watch out for who you go with.

  33. 5 years later and I'm still Inlove with this song🤗

  34. So beautiful…. Why am I crying? Much love and success to you.

  35. Isaiah. -Ciara. -B.

  36. i love it🤗

  37. Always will stick to me thank you guys 😊 this was a beautiful song and still is !!!!!!!! Makes me feel 👍 great anytime I hear this song !!! Hear still 2020!!

  38. One prettiest songs made for a mother… video and all❤️

  39. 02/08/21 ❤️

  40. Love❤️🖤

  41. Como eu amo está música…sou eu e a minha filhota eu 51e ela 18 não há maior Amor ❤️ no Mundo ❤️

  42. This is that song to me cause I can't lose it my mom full of it for a long time I can only visit all Weekly

  43. I am in 2020June Stay home And the I'm sad 😢😢😢

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