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Quite a lot has been said about this country that I am going to write about. Whatever I am going to say, I am sure you have heard about on different platforms or your day to day interactions with different people. For the sake of keeping it interesting, I will reveal the country’s name in the end and you can keep guessing throughout your reading. Found in the continent of Africa, this country is the most populous landlocked country in the world. It is characterized by a rugged plateau and a tropical climate.


The most significant physical detail in Africa which is visible from space cuts through this country from the northeast to the south. It is sometimes known as “the museum of people” due to its history and diversity and holds religions ranging from Christianity to Islam to Judaism. It has over 80 ethnic groups and over 200 dialects.


Okay, I have really tried to keep the details as general and vague as possible; but we have to come to the unique and interesting parts so brace yourselves as you are ready to uncover the country’s identity if you have not done so already. It is the only country in Africa with its own unique script and is considered to be the cradle of mankind because one of the earliest ancestors of humankind (Lucy) was found buried there. Right now, the year is not 2020 in this country; it is 2012 because the country follows its own calendar.


The coffee you drink in the morning or at any time of the day to keep you awake and tackle life’s problems is discovered in this country in the region of Kaffa. The first black person to win a gold medal in the Olympics was from this country. His name was Abebe Bikila and he ran and finished the marathon bare feet. The last emperor of the country, Haile Selassie, is worshipped by Rastafarians and Rastafarianism is believed to be born here even though it evolved in Jamaica.


If you have met a person from this country and asked them to tell you a little about where they are from, I assure you he/she will surely mention that their country remains the only African country never to be colonized. Last but not least, the people are extremely kind and hospitable not to mention the women, who are said to be one of the most beautiful. If by any chance, you have not been able to figure out the country’s name, I would love to tell you now. It’s ETHIOPIA!


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