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Corroborative Evidence that Salatiel is sleeping with Daphne

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Overall Qualities


  • Structure

Comme ça is an epic song, the structuring is perfect; except for the intro which I personally think it was too long. Having a 45-second intro for a 4: 44-minute song may work for Daphne and Salatiel because they are established as artists. Same won’t work for upcoming artists. I give a 2-star rating to the intro.

The Chorus is short and concise. This makes it easily memorable by fans. I give a 5-star rating to the chorus.

It has a very rich and interesting instrumental! One can loudly hear a variety of instruments, tasteful and well arranged to suit the mood of the song. I give a 5-star rating to the instrumental.

The outro had little or no fading effect! I think it would have been perfect if they made room for the beats to slowly die down with the transition of the visuals at the end of the video. This would have made ending melody more tuneful. I give a 2.5-star rating to the outro.


  • Commercial Potential

The views on Youtube speak volumes! + 167k views barely 4 days after it was released, and the short, concise and catchy chorus makes the song a highly commercial song.

  • Performance Quality

Salatiel keeps adding more red feathers on his red cap of fame! His overall performance and sheer display of character make the video outstanding. The dance steps added an outta earth ambience to the video. Daphne as well did a great performance. Their vocals were on point, at no point did they go out of pitch! it was more like the Sahel melodies, quite engaging with vibrant and flowing Rhythmic effects.

  • Production and Recording Quality

I will simply give a 4-star rating to the production and recording quality.

I only saw a drunk Daphne sleeping on a drunk Salatiel, I didn’t say he slept with her as in having sex with her ooohhh!! lol



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