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A song inspired by the sad occurence in Udi, the Oil rich Niger Delta region of Nigeria in 1999 .
Timaya goes the extra length in presenting us with this video.
Composed by Timaya


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42 Thoughts to “Dem Mama (Official Music Video) – Timaya | Official Timaya”

  1. This song will never get old.. who's with me??

  2. 🔥🔥🔥

  3. Who is here 2020

  4. Odi massacre by Olusegun Obasanjo's administration will never be forgotten!

  5. Egberi papa 1

  6. This guy legit got my 6 yo ass bumping to a mass murder report.

  7. Back then when timaya music they carry message

  8. This music will never get old who’s here with me this week

  9. Good vibes Dem soldiers🎶

  10. Legend speak, legend understand

    Speaking for the people is the way up 🙏🙏

  11. Still banging to this 2020. This is a fucking war song

  12. Proudly bayelsan 👍👍

  13. Dem mama solider 2020🇦🇪💪🏻💪🏻

  14. Lockdown brought me here

  15. Nothing but T I M A Y A

  16. Still teary in 2020 😢

  17. Government has been bad since creation.

  18. back in the days

  19. Well done Timaya’ still playing this song in 2020’ Nd beyond, much love from Ghana🇬🇭🔥

  20. Who's still playing this jam in this covid 19 pandemic?

  21. Here dancing out Corona

  22. My best of Timaya. Still happening

  23. This song is about the killing in Africa.

  24. About the killing people in Africa.

  25. Fr. President of Nigeria…Olusegun Obasanjo committed a war crime genocide at udi in Bayelsa state 1999 …and the International criminals court was quiet about it…mark this down he will surely pay for this crime some day.😢😢 just visiting history recently and the past events put me to tears.

  26. Boko haram they can't do anything about it but Nigeria soldier can beat people in street like that's what dey are call to do shame to them

  27. If you love timaya as I do hit the like button

  28. Obj killed too many Nigerians sailboat, odi etc , yet Nigerians who lack history are blaming Buhari who is busy building the railways , roads and bridges

  29. Who's here in may 2020?

  30. Still on in2020

  31. Always loving this particular track,
    Dem mama soldiers,

    Our government ooo why Una make us dey cry oo, poverty nor good atul ooo, everyday for Nigeria na so the people dey die ooo, person commot for house morning ooo money nor dey for pocket ooo police👮 go stop you for road collect the one wen you get ooo,they will pay aligation for your head ooo, for watiang you nor do oo, before you go no my brother you don dey inside cell ooo

  32. Who is enjoying it during the lock down?

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