Duncan Mighty – Ako Na Uche

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From The Album – KOLI WATER: A 2 Z productions presents one of Nigeria’s hottest albums “KOLI WATER” by Port Harcourt’s first son – DUNCAN MIGHTY. Featuring Timaya, Nigga Raw, and Sandaz Black. Songs written and produced by Duncan Mighty & D supremo




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38 Thoughts to “Duncan Mighty – Ako Na Uche”

  1. Best jam ever

  2. Best jam ever

  3. I will never forget the song ❤️❤️ Ako na Uche who x is with me 2050👈Hit like if you are👍👍👍

  4. I love this music

  5. We still jamming it 2020 💃❤️

  6. One of my best song still listening in January 2020 Duncan mighty u kill it

  7. Greetings Duncamighty………… am still here……

  8. Wow Ducan mighty you made my Friday night, everyone needs akonuche in this 2020

  9. May ya all have Ako na uche in 2020 in Jesus name i pray

  10. This song will always be relevant ……..

  11. 2020 ako na uche …

  12. 2020 and still my daily morning playlist first

  13. Still relevant in 2020! My ever green jam. Akonuche oooo throughout this Decade! 🙏

  14. 2020,we here ♥

  15. 2020 💃💃💃💃💃💃 good music can never be forgotten

  16. After listening to Sweet Love, i had to clean my ear with this song. To remind me who Duncan is.

  17. February 2020 still on ako na uche.

  18. 2020 who's listening?

  19. 2020, Ako Nu Uche is necessary for a better life.

  20. 2020 who is here 13/02 hit like

  21. my ppl abeg ph baam

  22. Blessed LORD please give me more ako na uche this 2020.. thumbs up for you Duncan Mighty

  23. Still listening from United states of America…is very necessary

  24. Keep it real bro❤

  25. 2020 who is listening 🙄

  26. Who is here with me in 2020

  27. Who's here for 2020 pls just hit the like let me see u all.

  28. Port harcourt 1ST Son

  29. Nostalgia! I love this song.

  30. Am crying singing and listening to this song

  31. Who's here in May 2020 hit de like button 👇👇👇

  32. This song suffer for my hand when it came out. Always on repeat. One of my favorite from Duncan

  33. Nor b lie, akonuche matters a lot 🔥🔥🔥

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