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Jovi Falls Short Of His Mboko Glory

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Jovi, ‘God Di Kam’ – hmmm!

Who’s the God that is coming in Jovi’s ‘God Di Kam’ EP?

One thing I like the most about the Cameroonian Entertainment Industry is the polarization of opinions when it comes to Jovi Lemonstre and Stanley Enow.

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There exist a set of people who never see anything good in them, irrespective of what they do. This rivalry is somehow a booster, that comes with an exceeding amount of entertainment and excitement.

Recently, when I checked the analytics of this website, all I saw was ‘God Di Kam’!

Other Bloggers will agree, ‘God Di Kam’ has been the most Googled search phrase in Cameroon recently. This is to say, it’s a hot selling EP. In addition, +20k downloads within 48 hours take it to a record-setting level.

I promised to write an unbiased review, here you are! Lol.

Before we get anywhere close to the review, I will like to talk about my position in that polarity.

Whenever I listened to the 7 tracks in ‘God Di Kam’, I get to see spontaneity. I mean, I didn’t see any plan, only creativity at its point of inception.

I don’t know if Jovi had publicized the EP! Just maybe, he took the industry aback, but our interest lies at the point where parallel lines meet.

‘God di Kam’ is the sheer fulfilment of the Idiom that talks of killing two birds with one stone. The title of the EP can be broken down for better understanding as; ‘God’, MbokoGod = Jovi. ‘Di Kam’, foretelling, announcement.

Jovi used the EP to market his upcoming album. In which, we expect a full display of his mboko might. Equally, he, through the EP; Jovi defined his territory, threw punches at his competitors, appreciated his friends and family, and at the zenith of it, his versatility was made known.

Let’s Start With Nivaquin

In Nivaquin, he identifies himself as the active ingredient ‘chloroquine sulphate’, in the antimalaria medication. Moreover, he lyrically paints the impediments of typical Cameroonian communities

All tin for this pays na just be expensive.

Chop for market when you see yam, be expensive.

Water weh ei comot tap be expensive.

As the Nivaquin, Jovi is here to cure the lyrical drought in the Cameroonian entertainment industry, Jovi easily flexed his experienced muscles, declared his dominion over the mboko brand and the growth of the genre.

For this beat na-so man na…?

No be Mboko don d grow?

If I no be nackam so, all dis mendem for d show.

Man na Caesar, Man need throne

It was more like a freestyle. Furthermore, the voice-overs by the lady in the background made it look kind of unplanned; just a creative session while Tweeting.

Hand 2 Mouth

A further proof,  the EP was partly inspired by a spontaneous or the spontaneity of one of his Twitter rantings. While fans who are aligned with the other polarity were busy catching feelings, Jovi was Tweeting with his right hand and writing lyrics with his left hand.

The following lines sound déjà vu, not that he plagiarized, but as an evidence of the wit in his marketing strategy:

I know you got a style, but I don’t think you got a sound.

I no fit read Your name, the tin hard me for pronounce.

The way he dropped the lyrics on the beat is kind of yearning of ‘CASH’. Most especially, ‘The water wer comot tap dey like piss’ flair. Again, his self-confidence was at its peak. He boasted of making sales, even if he released the album unannounced!

‘God Di Kam’ is already making sales, in thousands even though it was possibly dropped unannounced.

Hand 2 Mouth is a square peg in the square hole wherein lies the concept of ‘God Di Kam’ EP. In brief, the Mboko genre has been going through a ‘Hand 2 Mouth’ situation, but, as the Mboko-god, Jovi intends to put an end to that situation by placing an advance payment tag on anything ‘Mboko’. 

We expect to see the commerciality of the Mboko brand in the days ahead!

Ma 18 Is My Best

Jovi went a little darker, hahaha, whatever that means! Girls say, “the darker, the sexier”. ‘Ma 18’ could be looked upon as his space, his terrain, or his lane. Furthermore, he substantiated himself in the following line:

I got the picture, I don’t need the Frame.

The picture is the substance, a frame is only an addon. A frame serves no purpose with a picture, but a picture, on the other hand, can still be useful without a frame.

Jovi went off his Mboko guard! Proved his versatility by switching rap styles. In addition, Jovi made the hook so beguiling – focused – and revealing.

  1. Snitches: “Chop for here, Go chop for dey
  2. Bitches: “Blow all my men dem, that girl no di shame”

Jovi has for sure had his fair share of snitches and bitch asses! In his new space, he wants it void of negative energies, just with friends. As a result, doing great exploits while staying in his lane.

Ma 18 falls in line with the overall concept of the EP!

He had to define his space and provide a clue of what his coming (God Di Kam) will look like.

His ’18’ Is well known, Now, Pay Attention to the Kit.

I don’t know if Jovi was saying, “Pay attention to the ‘Kit’, or to the ‘Kid'”

Jovi cleared his spaced and defined his ’18’. consequently, we all have to pay attention to the kit. He had to go hard, in a DMX-like state of mind.

Artists’ managements do prepare press kits and send to media houses for promotional use before the release of a song, album or EP. Here, we find Jovi sticking to what he believes in and how he went out of the ordinary and used his ‘God Di Kam’ EP as a press kit. Who does that?

Also, Jovi reiterated his position in the Industry in the following lines:

The pot came with the lid

I don’t Blend in

I don’t fit, I don’t stick to the script

Like a pot that came with its lid, Jovi, as the ‘God weh di Kam’, will make his presence felt like a complete package. We all know that a pot is never complete without its lid.

He does blend in, he doesn’t fit and he doesn’t stick to the script. Hence, we expect Mboko-god to come in his usual Mboko might. This is to say, Jovi remains the same mboko-god, today, tomorrow; and forever.

Let’s Cook Some Ndolé

In Ndolé, Jovi addresses his rivals. As an example, he said, “Some people claimed to have quit the rap game, but obviously, it’s the rap game that left them”. That was a direct punch at Stanley Enow.

We all know Stanley Enow didn’t do much of rap songs in 2018. Thus, many people assumed he had quit the rap game. Moreso, Enow has been termed a wack rapper, thus, Jovi’s punchline of the rap game deserting some people – rightly fits – into Stanley Enow’s timeline.

What’s Up Dey?

I really enjoyed the beats. However, I didn’t find the lyrics as hard as a typical Mboko-god’s lyrics. Also, he had already made known his status in Nivaquin and Ma 18. Luckily, EPs grow on a tree behind Jovi’s house. As a result, we will not say “it was useless for him to use the ‘Up Dey’ track just to say he’s also ‘Up Dey'”.

All The Time

Are we ready for the time? This is the song that brings out the concept behind ‘God Di Kam. Jovi mentioned a time, people who didn’t believe in him and also talked about having so much in his chest. With no intention to prove himself, Jovi will give his fans just what he intends to get in return.

When the time finally comes, even those who didn’t believe in him will bow to his eminence as the Mboko-god.

Conclusively, ‘God Di Kam’ is an out of the ordinary marketing strategy, outstanding press kit, but the lyrics are way below the high Mboko standard Jovi is known for composing. This goes to explain that the EP is a product of spontaneity!

As we wait for Mboko-god’s arrival when he finally drops his album on the 16th of February, we shouldn’t waste one more minute to download a copy of the EP.

New EP Alert – Jovi Drops “God Di Kam

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  1. TerenceLeprince

    This is just so on point. I like it. I think jovi is a victim of his own success.

  2. Wow!!! Am speechless.
    Other bloggers need to learn from you. Merde!!!!
    Same thing I had in mind, and I was saying that it’s just a marketing strategy for hours album. But Jovi haters kept beefing.

  3. Pryde

    Jovi is n will always be the man on top of the Mboko game no qstns. Take it or leave it!

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