Hot to Mix Afrobeat (Naija Style) Vocals (using Cubase)

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I made this video to show one of the ways an afrobeat vocal can be mixed. There are several ways but this is one simple way to get a professional sounding afrobeat vocal.


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  1. Great Work my guy!

  2. Bro pls texting from Italy ….can u mix and master my song

  3. i need the fabilter licence key please

  4. I need those plugins my brother eish am in Botswana how can we give each other

  5. Uganda is happy for you

  6. Sounds great

  7. is it me or the guy sounds like wizkid when he started


  9. this is fire man….i ve learnt a lot….thanks

  10. What song is this tho

  11. please can i contact u for more assistance

  12. How can i download this song on google

  13. is there a particular chain of plugins to be used in the group channel?

  14. Brother I need your contact

  15. Bro this is my Gmail ouwagba@gmail.com please contact me

  16. Pls i need the parrel compressor vst pls
    Is it 32bit

  17. Please how can I get your plugins to download

  18. Thank u so much

  19. This is my whatsapp number 0880676867 from Liberia

  20. xxplease can i get your email?

  21. how can i get dis kind of your plugin i my cubbase5

  22. bro you dope, love d way you mix

  23. I came back to this video now I have a better knowledge of producing and I can really appreciate it.thanks boss .

  24. What tempo is this beat.i got a trap track that I flipped to Afro/Trap it sounds nice but I was thinking it maybe too fastandthefurious,😂 .but is very danceable.140 BPM

  25. slt mes respect a vous juste vous demandé pour le voix de Backing ces toujour la meme procedure comme lead group ?

  26. Nothing really changed to me

  27. Sr please I used all you tutorial but my vocals re not sounding professionals .. please I need your help.

  28. Greetings from Costa Rica bro! Thanks for sharing this tutorial. Really informative !

  29. Boss i need your contact

  30. I need you show us how we started cubes mixing process from beginning.

  31. We really appreciate your time and effort in helping out with the way you teach various musical vocals but we want how to create group for vocals

  32. Do FL STUDIO please

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