How Rich is Atiku Abubakar in 2020? ► All Atiku's Private Jets, Mansion, Cars, Companies & Luxuries

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How Rich is Atiku Abubakar in 2020? ► All Atiku’s Private Jets, Mansion, Cars, Companies & Luxuries… For latest Nigerian News – visit
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45 Thoughts to “How Rich is Atiku Abubakar in 2020? ► All Atiku's Private Jets, Mansion, Cars, Companies & Luxuries”

  1. So why is still Atiku problem for he has already make money and why he is coming back for presidency, again having all this what and what did you gave the poor how much is your semester fees is its to help the poor mass ? To me he is greed because only him how may private jet he has why people re died day in day out because of poverty

  2. AAC ACTION vote omoyele sowore youths please wakeup is time to take are country back from this old criminals cabals.miss omoyele another 4years of hardship believe it or not that's my prophecy may god bless Nigeria.

  3. He has investments to built to help humanity

  4. All is vanity upon vanity

  5. Keeping on voteing for the betterment of their life and you are suffering… Biafra I stand

  6. Some Nigerians are fools
    Atiku Abubaka can steal money but he did not kill any body but Buhari is a killer and at the same time a THIEF his aims of running for the second time is to
    Islamize Nigeria but unfortunately for him he has FAILED and his wickedness has come to an end because very soon he will die like a rat because of the BLOOD OF THE INNOCENT PEOPLE HE killed so we don't want a wicked leader in Nigeria because Nigerians are the happiest people in the WORLD but Buhari has put everybody in JEOPARDY therefore he must DIE and live Nigerians alone so shall it be IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS. AMEN.

  7. What atiku looted can feed Nigerians for 400years

  8. All these are of no use to the masses! To hell with his riches! Riches or wretchedness?!

  9. Just look out someone who work in the Government office . Not a business man Government worker. Thank God he didn't win.

  10. Pres Buhari should restore back everything from Atiku, Obasanjo, Madueke and others put them to justice, jail them and throw away the key, by this they will know what is it to be poor.

  11. He is a thief as u say thank God he is using them in Nigeria

  12. Am a sierra leonean as rich this man is why can't he build low cost house for poor people in Nigeria and feeding them every month
    If you do good good will follow
    Always thing about poor people
    God you sir and god less Nigerian

  13. How rich is buhari and his apc thief

  14. @K4Qs YOU CALL IT A DREAM ?????

  15. @K4Qs YOU CALL IT A DREAM ?????

  16. Please how he got this money?

  17. Wisdom of one man, I celebrate him.

  18. He stole and reinvested in Nigeria. What about those that stole and sent it to foreigners to enjoy. Buhari has been in power all his life and he doesn't have common bread factory where Nigerian's can work and earn a living through him. At least, he once stole our money too. Nobody is holy except God .Nigerian's, stop persecuting people

  19. Did you read your introduction? Properties traced to Buhari or Atiku..? Make up your mind…

  20. you Guy's should stop post fake videos

  21. Please, did you watch this documentary before posting it on YOUTUBE? Check and see the very first (introductory) statement you presented on the video. Are you telling us about Buhari or Atiku?

  22. Atiku your Boss said you are a corrupt and greedy man, all your property are proceeds of looting, nobody cares to know what you have ,yeye

  23. هههههههههههههههههه 😀😀😀😀😀

  24. He was not allowed to rigged election and buy our country Nigeria. You will show how rich you are but nobody will allow you to buy NNPC.

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  26. Why our leaders are so greedy

  27. Non of them will follow him to their grave

  28. He is the most corrupted custom officer when he was at Apapa Wharf Lagos 33 years ago

  29. ole buruku..thief

  30. Pen robber of the century

  31. This video is pathetic. Where is Gotel Communications, Adama Beverages Ltd, Rico Gado Ltd. e.t.c?

  32. Obasonjo called him a thief  but they are all thieves .  All we want is BIAFRA and not the stolen wealth.

  33. Actually only god can elevent whom ever he wishes, oh god makes us to be rich.

  34. All this politician are the same, let's get sense

  35. Make God are give us?

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