I Don Blow – Timaya ft. Sayo Pisanta (Official Music Video) | Official Timaya

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Timaya “I Don Blow” official music video
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From the Album; Gift & Grace, The audio of this song enjoyed massive airplay and now Mr.Timaya, further, graces us with a more explanatory video to how much he has BLOWN UP.


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46 Thoughts to “I Don Blow – Timaya ft. Sayo Pisanta (Official Music Video) | Official Timaya”

  1. The best song

  2. Baba real blow!!
    2019 and forever

  3. Who's here again 2018 🙋🇰🇼

  4. 2019 and still trending

  5. 2019 here. This is an ageless hit!

  6. 2019 anybody here

  7. Bakugan Battle Brawlers

  8. I too go love timaya anyone still here2019

  9. 2019 we re still here

  10. 2019 baby
    Is anyone watching with us?


  12. Message to enemy

  13. Best music ever
    Still grooving in 2019

  14. 2019💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃

  15. 2019 this song dey sharke me

  16. I love this shayo master. Even spoke in tongues. Nice

  17. Who is here with me 21 of October 2019….

  18. Still the best in 2019

  19. Who's listening with me November 2019 hit like ❤

  20. If you are still listing in December 10 or the month December. hit the like love your songs die

  21. Are done show

  22. Dem say i fit do am an here in 2020 in put them to Shame

  23. Jan 1st New Year 2020 anyone ? 💃💃

  24. My favorite music artist ever timaya, your bold step is 4 real, I love u my king of music

  25. 2020 we still dey here. This was when music still made sense. These days na noise we dey hear.

  26. 2020 is here

  27. 2020 still heat till 3000 timaya

  28. 2020… When Timaya was Timaya… i miss his old style

  29. This is how many people watching in 2020

  30. Am still here 2020 who is wit me

  31. The ad before this song almost spoilt this old jam. For agreeing to do this advert this girl is a mugu

  32. My best ever 2020

  33. I am here again 2020

  34. I dey here 2020 8 March.

  35. 2020 am listen to this gbedu, Timaya is the boss

  36. Please can someone interpret what the guy in cele gown said… timaya much love.

  37. Still listening to this song love it one love bro

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