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Idris Elba Plays a Nigerian in New Netflix Comedy, ‘Turn Up Charlie’

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Right now, Nigerians musicians, fashion designers, actors and more are being celebrated internationally. Nigerians are also currently topping the previews section on Netflix. Genevieve Nnaji “Lionheart” movie made waves all over the world and it was bought by Netflix for thousands of dollars. Right now Idris Elba has currently joined the most talked about celebrities in Nigeria as he plays a Nigerian in the latest Netflix original show, “Turn Up Charlie”.

This comedy movie shows, Elba playing the part of a Nigerian called Charlie Ayo. Charlie is a DJ who gets a chance to jumpstart his career when he reconnects with a childhood friend. This opportunity opened a chance for him to work alongside David’s famous DJ wife. But things took a different turn when he was then made a manny (male nanny) to their precocious daughter.

In the whole series, we can see Charles staying with his old school aunt because his parents are back home in Nigeria. His aunt, Lydia, who has no tolerance for him and his nonsense much like typical Nigerian aunts. She’s impatient, harsh and absolutely hilarious. Aunt Lydia’s Nigerian accent wasn’t the typical Nigerian accent because the role was not played by a Nigerian, but could have been a lot better if they had just cast an actual Nigerian actress in the role. The movie’s storyline is lighthearted, sweet and it’s making a lot of Nigerians to subscribe their Netflix accounts.

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