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Does Jovi’s God Don Kam Album worth the wait and hype?

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After announcing the coming of God in God Di Kam EP, Jovi has kept his word to his fans and the entire public by dishing out his latest album, “God Don Kam” early today. The 14-track album comes exactly one month after his 7-track EP.

It should be noted that this is the 4th album of the multi-talented rap artiste from Cameroon. The 14-track album is delivered in English, French, Pidgin and Limbum (his mother-tongue). Jovi is one of the first to fuse various Cameroonian musical genres like Makossa, Bikutsi, Bottle-dance to come out with the “Mboko” genre which has become very popular in the country.

In the press release by New Bell Music, “God Don Kam’s sound is rich, entirely self-produced by Le Monstre (Jovi’s alias as a producer). Bass-heavy, trap-ladden “God Di Kam” shares an epic feel with songs like “Man Pass Man, Part 4.”

According to the release, the Mbokogod “continually switches up his flows moving from the unconventional rhythms of “God Don Kam” to the driving chorus on “Ouleu”, the third track in the 14-song album.

God Don Kam Tracks

  1. Man Pass Man, Pt. 4 03:29
  2. Pissam 02:30
  3. Ouleu 03:08
  4. Devil No Di Sleep 03:07
  5. Sok Sok 02:53
  6. Jengu 03:23
  7. Feel Me Feel Free 02:21
  8. God Don Kam 03:49
  9. Verus Verus 03:04
  10. Ndolé 02:56
  11. Tchak 03:19
  12. 20 Ba 02:42
  13. No Peace 04:08
  14. God Di Kam 02:47

It should be noted that his hit song“Ndolé”, that was included in the 7-track EP, God Di Kam made it to this album. The album comes with 4-songs for free streaming (Devil No Di Sleep, Jengu, Ndolé and 20 Ba). The entire album, it should be noted, was self-produced by Le Monstre, Jovi’s alias as a producer.

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