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From Don 4 Kwat to Ngong 4 Kwat

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Jovi and Stanley Enow Beef

Jovi and Stanley Enow Beef is a lifelong beef which started in 2014 shortly after the latter’s win at the 2014 MTV African Music Awards.

Jovi LeMonstre needs no further introduction on this platform! In one of our recent articles, we did introduce him to our readers. You can read more about him from this link Reasons why Jovi is stuck in ‘Yaounde’

We talked about Jovi’s Promotional plan being one of the reasons why he is stuck in Yaounde. We also talked about his Twitter rantings. Jovi’s highest promo strategy is to use the name, ‘Stanley Enow’ in his Tweets.

Stanley Enow had ignored Jovi’s Tweeter rantings in the past!

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Today must be the best day of Jovi’s life and career as his icon and source of trends, Stanley Enow finally replied his Tweets. While the world was making merry yesterday, Jovi in his usual style, took to Tweeter and Tweeted as seen in the screenshot below:

Jovi and Stanley Enow Beef

As seen above, the tweet is a day old! Jovi said, “Booba is the real one”. That was him in his habitual way, beefing Stanley Enow on Christmas day. The Hateful Tweet from Jovi would have gone unnoticed, but Stanley Enow being a generous dude, decided to shine some spotlight on Jovi by replying his Tweet as seen below:

Stanley Enow and Jovi Beef

At the time of writing this post, Stanley Enow’s Tweet was only 7 hours old, unlike Jovi’s, which is a day older. This is a clear indication that Jovi started the beefing, in an attempt to get the much-needed attention for his soon to be released 4th studio album.

Jovi’s strategy seems to be working! Soon after Stanley Enow’s reply, Jovi cunningly put out an advert for his 4th album and served Stanley Enow some more insults as seen in the screenshot below:

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How low can the mighty fall? 4th album? 

  • Nasty C has two studio albums, one EP, and has an estimated net worth of $250,000.
  • AKA has 3 studio albums which are backed with an estimated net worth of $12 million
  • Jovi will soon release his 4th album! What’s his net worth? 
Jovi's net worth
                        7.1 Million FCFA

According to Kamerpedia, Jovi has an estimated net worth of 7.1 Million FCFA.

That’s so much for 3 albums and because of that, he has every reason to diss Stanley Enow “Soldier Like My Papa” album. Yes, he has every right to beef Stanley Enow for winning so many awards, touring around the world, featuring every big name in Africa in his songs; with just a single album. 

It’s not about the number of albums an artist releases, but it’s more about the impact the artist creates with the album. Till date, Stanley Enow is the only Cameroonian holding an MTV award, thanks to his one album ‘SLMP’. His win at MTV, gave other Cameroonian musicians hope and sent a strong message of encouragement. That’s impact!

4 albums with no international award, little or no money to back them up; that’s a sheer waste of talent!

About Jovi’s claim of his previous 3 albums being the best sellers, until such a time that we see statistics to corroborate his words up, we shall continue to consider the words as empty, with no substance.

The current reality shows that Jovi has switched from being the ‘Don 4 Kwat’ we used to know, to a ‘Ngong 4 Kwat’. Barking every day on twitter and failing to bite in real life.

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  1. TerenceLeprince

    Best new act! No be award! MTV best male artist of the year, that’s an award!

    1. admin

      That’s an award bro, he was nominated alongside artists like Phyno and other heavyweights. It wasn’t a central Africa thing, it was for the whole of Africa

  2. Both are doing well but Stanley can get more fans

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