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Jovi’s Ouleu, The Wackest 237 Song In 2019?

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I have been tagged on several Facebook posts to do a review of Jovi’s latest video ‘Ouleu’. The Mboko gang is known and reputed for unparalleled savagery. As a matter of fact, only the strong will dare to hold a contrary opinion to the stance of the Mboko gang.

Jovi is the recipient of unconditional love from his gang members. Therefore, we do not expect the mboko gang members to ever say or see anything wrong in whatsoever Jovi does. Hence, I have braved all odds, manned-up as usual against the epic ferocity of the gang to drop this review.

without further ado, let me get done with the review sharp sharp, go find my Chinese woman tuma 😂 😂 😂 !


The intro of the video is short and precise. Ndukong used just 13 seconds to whet the appetite of Jovi’s hungry fans. Long intros are often a turnoff to most people, as they easily get bored. As a result, they leave without consuming the substance therein.

I, therefore, give a 5-star rating to the intro.


Immediately after the intro, Jovi comes like a torpedo, with self-propelling bars. Here, the bars are explosive once they hit the target – the eardrums of the listeners. Equally, Jovi exhibited a high level of self-confidence throughout the Video. For the most part, he had his head held up high with his eyes staring through the Camera without blinking.

In short, I give a 5-star rating to his attitude.

Digital Effects(Video Quality)

If you are a fan or follower of the Cameroonian music industry, you will agree with me that Jovi has set a new standard for himself in terms of videography. Never has he shot a video that kept fans, haters and critics alike spellbound, hitting the repeat button uncountably.

Not to mention the glowing A$$ of the video vixen tweaking and pumping blood down the dick of the male members of the mboko gang 😉. Eric S Bannav, as an example, flooded his Facebook timeline with posts about that A$$.

The video corroborates my assertion in a previous article(Jovi Falls Short Of His Mboko Glory). In the article, I urged IB readers to expect the commerciality of the Mboko brands. Nothing on earth sells like sex. Don’t be surprised to see videos of female gang members on Jovi’s Instagram shaking what their mama gave them.

We are happy Jovi has finally embraced the business part of the show-biz. That huge A$$ and the image marketing of the Mboko gang Tees is a great step in as much as show-biz is concerned.

For being the best Video Jovi ever did, I, therefore, give it a 5-star rating.


I do not have much to say about the instrumentals. As a matter of fact, if a DJ plays the instrumental without any vocal attached to it, the dance floor will still be crowded. That is to say, the instrumental is nothing but 🔥. As such, I give it a 5-star rating.


This is where I will have problems with mboko gang members. I wrote an article on Fabz Chi Kesa Magazine in which I elaborated on 10 elements of good music. These elements are listed below:

  1.  Melody.
  2. Chords (chord progression).
  3. Beat and Rhythm.
  4.  Genre and Style.
  5. Concept (story and message).
  6. Hook.
  7. Lyrics.
  8. Song Sections.
  9. Arrangement.
  10. Length.

Due to the limited knowledge of Mboko gang members, they have always rated good music solely on lyricism and ignorantly left out the other 9 elements. As a result of their sheer lack of the knowledge of elements of good music, they always look at Stanley Enow as a wack artist.

As the saying goes, “What’s go for the Goose, is good for the Gander”

If we were to use the Mboko gang yardstick of lyricism to rate Jovi’s Ouleu, one will waste no time to call it a wack song. Here, we are going to rate the lyrics differently, and the rating of the song will be based on the 10 elements that make up a piece of good music.

There’s no clear message in the lyrics to take home, therefore, I, rate it with a 1.5-star.

Overall Song Rating

Using our measuring rod, Ouleu scored a 4.3-star rating. This is to say, it’s a good song and not wack as Nivo Ti Jesus puts it.


While listening and watching the video of the song, I was nodding my head and vibing to the hip-hop flair. Slay queens will tweak, niggas will jump and bounce in the club, but at the end of the day, those who listened for inspiration will take nothing home.

Watch the video below and let me know your thoughts in the comment box below

Thanks for reading, Davis E Tabot for Iyunade Blog.

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    Yes perfectly redacted.And as usual professional. I agree with everything here.Thanks boss!🔥✊

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  2. Prince Sumey

    Professional review, I love and understood everything thanks boss

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  3. Je Wanda magazine described the first track on the album “Mboko God (Positioning)” as a “true celebration of African musical identity and its traditions.”(translated)

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