Lyrics of Status Update 2 by Wan Shey Feat Young Holiday & N.A.T

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N.A.T : (Incantations)


Wan Shey : “Tho i walk through the Valley of the shadow of death, i fear no evil, cuz the lord is with me”


Wan Shey : Verse 1

Dis country dey like bakery, people di rise when they feel heat

The same hand wey e di build house na the same hand dem use to dig pit

Like Julius Caesar yi caffiage, we dey surrounded by haters

Daphne sey jusqua la gare dem carry we pass na through Eseka?


System don sell yi conscience, use money organise conference

Chop, drink tok “Ayongne”, if you gather inside Kom sense


Build a longer table, not a taller fence

We dey dey di wait Etats, dey just waiting to make a dollar sell


Ohh Holiwan, ohh Holiwan

Please save us from Unholy Ones, Unholy Ones

What about the peace keeping force? That one na story for the gods

You want say? Yes i want sey dem di cam na after war


Matter of fact na the same people wey dem say we get wa freedom, got me wondering what have we done, given the poison they feed us


Forget hypocrisy, dis one no be politics

If na evolution dis, im going back to hieroglyphics



N.A.T : Hook

Holiwannnn Holiwannn Holiwannn Holiwannnn


Verse 2 : Young Holiday

see ha payi dong dey na, man di die man di televisam\

hide wa conscience for wa nkwa, then pretend like say we di finam\

them dong bring we dead warant, say na wa forefathers them signam\

forcing us to accept a fate tansforming us to fighters\

them be di mash we for down from ontop their high horse, now men them dong wise\

but if u open ya mop say piam, boy u di go na go so for life\

and the greatest weapon that they usin the fight is, the way them di lie\

boy  them readam for news say osophagus dey na for back hand, grand reme say chai \


holi wan, holi wanm \

please save us from un holiwants unholiwants\

despite every thing at stake,they just wanna win an argument\

turn payi into catholic church, all man di bato indulgence\

the little hope they selling na okrika\par

no be otantik\7

and when we see above the schemes they play\

they call us lunatiks\

government di score wa pole, parliament dong gi like 2 assist\

I think the truth is dying come and perform cpr please\


Wan Shey : Verse 3

Wetin be need for stay alive if of my rights i am deprived

We pray for nobody’s demise, we di wait make na God decide

Moon di shine, tide di rise

Wind di blow show fowl yi nyash

You use ya ear do sacrifice, how you want listen with your eye?


This no be party, people are dying

They supposed to be protected by armies

Instead of carnage over their families, give them the opportunity to parlay

Children are dying, women are crying

Tell dem all we go be ok by morning

But till the people go see reason, unthreatened by prison, asey wuna listen, im begging and kneeling

Like why?

Why i get to fear for talk ma mind

All we be guilty of a crime, of hiding behind a lie

Africa has to understand, we never have to walk a line

A country thats one of a kind, we get to seize wa chance for shine


So now we be asking the Holiwan, for provide we with solution

For save we from the claws of Rosecrutians and the freemacons

Oh lord abeg send we ya Holi Son, issue don pass wa power soni wrote this to the Holy One


Hook : N.A.T

Outro : Chants

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