Maleek Berry For My People ft. Sneakbo (Audio) [LYRICS]

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Super Producer/Artist Maleek Berry comes out with a new smash entitled “For My People” featuring UK rap star Sneakbo. After building a solid production catalog and name for himself in the industry working with the likes of Wizkid, Davido, Wande Coal and US rap star Wale, Maleek Berry takes centre stage this time with his first official solo release.

“For My People” is a hybrid of different sounds, with elements that music lovers of all genre’s will connect to. Keep an eye out for more as this is the first of many solo projects that Maleek Berry has in store.



Ahh she drop it (Berry Pon Dis), ahh love the way she drop it yeah yeah
Ahh she do it, my girl she do it yeah yeah


One time for my people, two time for my homies
Lalẹ yi ama dey London, omoge don dey know me
Said she looking for a real one, real one, come party with the whole team
I go hard for my people, go hard for my people

Verse 1 –

See yawa, she dropped that bomb on the floor like Osama
See yawa, got a boy acting crazy no drama
Yay, she got that boom boom bass oh
She go make the club vibrate oh
If i leave without her, she go fall in love
She go down for me, she go down, go down
She tell me say she love me, but i don’t even know her name


Man, tonight we go ball all
Spend all, money be mad long
Pull up, range rove’, couple lambos
For London we party till early in the morn’


Verse 2 –

Balling pelu pesu, don’t trip it’s a party on my table
New money be the dress code , that’s why you ain’t never see us in the same clothes
Ayy way up we go, pray to God we don’t suffer no more
Living life and stacking my dough , tryna make a billion then take it back home
The girl dem we calling me , calling me don 1
The African boy inna London town
The girl dem we calling me , calling me don 1
The African boy inna London town ayy o



Sneakbo Verse –

Yo fresh, yo fresh i’m a fresh guy
It’s getting hot so i’m rolling with a hot spice
Kilonshele baby girl looking real nice
It’s been a minute I ain’t seen you in a long time
Got your hair out, got your nails done , everything fresh
Tell me what you need imma get it in a sec
Jetski wave i got the girl dem wet
When Berry on the beat everybody two step
Like boom baba boom, b-boom boom bass
Wa ba mi jo, je ka mash up the place
Tẹle mi Lọ girl, tẹle mi Lọ
Whine up your waist all over the floor ayyy
I know you know me, i been having good times with my homies
In the club popping bottles with the whole team
Now i get orobo, lepa shandy

Bridge x 2

If you know say you’re turning up, know say you’re turning up
Then throw your red cups in the air (ayyooo)
In the air (ayooo)


Se aye Lọ, ama se aye Lọ
Se aye Lọ, my people se aye Lọ
Se aye Lọ, ama se aye Lọ
Se aye Lọ, ola ti de


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