Miley Cyrus and husband Liam Hemsworth Lost their Home to the California Wildfire.

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American singer, songwriter and actress Miley Ray Cyrus and husband Liam Hemsworth, an Australian actor have both taken to their social media accounts to share pictures of what is left of their beautiful home after it was ravaged by the California wildfire. The property located in Malibu, west of Los Angeles was completely destroyed with only decorated letters of “Love” which could be visibly seen lying in front of the ravaged building. Miley Cyrus took to her Instagram account to share the heart breaking picture of the beautiful home before it was lost to the wildfire. The singer is also encouraging well wishes and people to make donation to the Malibu Foundation working towards rebuilding the fire ravaged area.

Miley Cyrus left this message on her Instagram.

The 26 year old singer said “Please donate anything you can to @malibufoundation in hopes to restore Malibu’s Magic.” She went further to say

Any amount is greatly appreciated! The deepest sense of community and love is surrounding those who have lost their homes. Being one of them. That connection is irreplaceable and can ever be taken in anyway and devastating as this..”

Hemsworth also in a message on his Instagram said this. “It’s been a heartbreaking few days. This is what is left of my house. Love”. The actor of Hunger Games said it was “amazing to see the community pulling together “ in the wake of the fires, and thanked “all the hero firefighters around California.”

The couple who lost their beautiful home are however grateful to be safe along with their animals. Liam and Miley released a statement saying they will donate $500.000 to the Malibu foundation to support other victims in the community. The couple say their community and state are very important to them reasons why they are ready to give to the place that created so many beautiful memories for themselves and others.

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Other stars who also lost their homes in the fire incident include Neil Young, Gerard Butler and Robin Thicke. Over a thousand homes are said to have been destroyed while 50 people are reported to have been killed in the fire across the states. The worst affected state has been California which has recorded 48 death so far, while two people died in Malibu.

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