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My Take On Micki Wren’s “How We Roll” Music Video

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Hello my lovely Iyunade readers! I hope you are doing great. It’s the weekend and I know you will be planning to have a great one. There’s nothing as good as enjoying some good music over this weekend be it at home, a bar or in a club if you love night life. That’s how we roll!

Talking about good music, I have been enjoying “How We Roll” official video by Micki Wren  the whole week. The song overall is good to me. I enjoyed especially the beats that was well-done – kudos to the beat-maker. The music video itself was great with good quality picture, lighting, color balance with exceptional costuming, stage design and good art direction. This gave a great productive value.

The cuts were well-timed and flows with such a seamless continuity that makes the editing unnoticeable to me. The audio quality as well was maintained all through out the song with a balanced mix and seamless transitions. This makes for a good dance with style.

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Coming to the content, I realized the video speaks more than the lyrics. I couldn’t get the words except for “my nigga that’s how we roll”, my bank account e geti bier-bier” and I and my guys, we di party all night”. The video content explained more about the music than what he said. I have the feeling the video was talking about something else from what he was singing. I can’t tell if the actions in the video is what he is talking about in the lyrics. Don’t blame me, maybe it could be because I listened to it with my Tchoronko phone. However, for a music to be well consumed by the listener, they must be able to understand the lyrics or can hear the words clearly.

At one point, I could not understand if he was speaking pidgin or his vernacular. We all know people turn to enjoy a song when they could make out the words and sing it for themselves. It makes it become something like an anthem when they can sing it. Think of Franko’sColler la petite’ and Stanley Enow’s Hein Père how they become popular because we could all sing.

We all know that the video part of a music sets it apart from the song itself. It has messages that the artiste wants to pass through to the audience. However, I can’t tell whether the lyrics itself was saying what was in the video because I couldn’t hear it well. The rapping in pidgin maybe too much for some of us who grew up as hard-core pidgin speakers.

In all, the music video was good, the casting crew (dancers, actors, etc) did their job perfectly well. Micki Wren’s “How We Roll” music video sold more than the song to me. Which is what actually a music video should do. The song would make for a good dance this end of year.

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Hey guys! Was I too harsh? Don’t forget I am not a music technician or expert. I am just giving my point of view as a listener. You can share yours in the comment section but don’t crucify me please. Keep following us for more ‘soup’ (Davis Tabot said Nigerians no longer call it ‘Juice’ but ‘Soup’ so ‘who are we not to follow their trend as usual’).

Derick Sullivan Lobga for Iyunade Blog

Watch Micki Wren’s “How We Roll” Music Video Below:


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