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Stanley Enow-the Cult Grand-Master Of Cameroon’s Music Industry.

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My Way Remix – Stanley Enow Featuring Diamond Platnuz and Ariel Sheney


Hey, peeps, been a while I did this!

A wise man once said

An old monkey can hardly ever forget its way through forest.

This is for the passion of painting out thoughts with words. “My way remix”, Hmmmm! Judge not so ye be not judged. A text, taken out of context, as a pretext to keep the induced in perpetual silence. Naah! that’s not for me, ‘I see black,  I say black’, call me ‘DAWEI’.

Stanley Enow Finally morphed into the Grandmaster of Cameroon’s Urban Music Industry

I know for sure, many Stanley Enow Fans, including his brother; Martin Enow, whose verbosity we are not sure measures up to his vitality—will come heavily on me—for being real!

Bobrisky laments over not being able to cheat nature

To whom much is given, much is expected!

Stanley Enow could not come short of the weight and responsibilities of the aforementioned adage. On the contrary, just like the biblical proverbial ‘prophet’, so little of honour has been bestowed on Stanley Enow from Home.

Stanley Vs Enow

Surprisingly, even with every disdain, contempt and hate arrowed at Enow, his tables everlasting, keep being served in the presence of his enemies.

Growth can be seen as the increment in the size, number, value and strength of a thing. On the other hand, for there to be a progression, conditions must be set in motion to exert a movement from one stage to another. Is that the reality with case Stanley Enow? 

Stanley Enow has progressed from an award-winning rapper to a singer. We have seen him grown from a braggadocious young-star who just had his first bite of fame; to a mature superstar who doesn’t react to frivolities from verbose haters on Twitter and other social media platforms.


Despite Fhish’s rants and insults, Stanley Enow was supportive enough to share his ‘Hola Hola’ video when it was released. Evidently, that was a portrayer of an iceberg of his maturity.

Stanley Enow Support Fhish despite Fhish's spite
Stanley Enow Supporting Fhish despite Fhish’s spite.

Fhish is actually a very talented and dynamic artist. Moreso, him shooting at the right tree, got him served a handful of black plums—some of us got to know him—only after his one-man altercation. And because he mentioned Enow’s name.


As a matter of facts, during Enow’s transitional period, he never came close to basking in the past glories of ‘Hein Pere’ than when he decided to find his way.

Stanley VS Enow – The Album.

It became a ‘Stanley VS Enow’ thing to him. Simply put, he competes with none, but himself.


stanley vs enow


Before he found his way, he had to go through ‘Fire’. Burning all his ego and pride.


Just as gold, he came out refined. Recapitulated his storyline from his humble beginning ‘till now’ that he’s soaring. And with gratitude, he gave God the ‘Glory’


‘Glory’, despite it being a tear and worship inducing song, local haters say it’s ‘Complicated’


How complicated can it get when on the 11th of February, 2020, Petit Pays and a host of ‘ancient musiciens, together with a bevy of novel musicians led by Daphne will say ‘Oh Yeah’ and ‘Forever’. Furthermore, the overall turn-up will definitely certify Enow’s claim on the urban throne.

Petit Pays after feeling the vibration of the Mzansi  beats and Stanley Enow’s versatility said ‘OH YEAH’ in the following words:

Stanley enow le meilleur de cette génération

Legendary Tony Nobody sees beyond the ordinary—a culture of support—the industry had yearned for; brews in the open. The #forusbyus hashtag trended, but won’t make sense if Canal Olympia is not filled up tomorrow. 

“Iron sharpens Iron”. This is evident in Tony Nobody’s post on Facebook dated: January 30th, 2020. 


My Way Remix

The Pan African Remix – My Way Remix

“My Way” is the evidence of Stanley Enow’s perfect metamorphosis from an award-winning rapper to a continental and cultural unifier. The song “My Way” featured Tzy Panchak and Locko—it’s was a hit—3,665,857 views at the time of drafting this post. That’s progression right there! Many say, ” it’s better than the remix”.

I think so as well. Stanley Enow and team are probably of the same opinion. Perhaps, that explains why they had to do a Pan African Remix. Bringing on board the might of the Eastern African king—Diamond Platnuz—Ariel Sheney, l’amour de la côte d’Ivoire. Obviously, it’s a well-calculated move that has yielded great returns.

I dare say, it’s Stanley Enow’s biggest ‘Colabo’ yet! It’s making rounds worldwide, both in sales and creation of new markets. 

Diamond Platnuz

East Africa Market

Diamond Platnuz’s music appeals to 98 million East Africans, not only because of his silky voice, equally because of the bonding element of a common mother tongue; Swahili.

The Remix did not only open up this huge East African market to Stanley Enow. Equally, it did open it up to other Cameroonian musicians and stakeholders like bloggers(traffic-wise). 

Ivory Coast Market

The Ivorians always support their own. A country that has produced superstars like Douk Saga and DJ Arafat from a genre of music known as ‘Coupé-Décalé’. Born out of war, Coupé-Décalé unites Ivorians and gives hope to other French Speaking Africans.

“Coupe-Decale happened at a time when Ivorians were stressed,” says club owner Gros Bedel. “It was the beginning of the war. Ivorians who went out to work were all rushing home in the evening, because of the curfew.”
“The real goal was to bring joy to Ivorians because Ivory Coast was crossing moments of distress,” says Kouame. “Music is a good outlet for distressed people.”
Ariel Sheney seems to be the apple of Ivory Coast’s eyes after the unfortunate demise of late DJ Arafat. Stanley Enow’s decision to feature him in the remix paid off by extending the Pan African coverage to approximately 120 million people.

The Nigerian Market

Stanley Enow has been struggling to break through the front door into the Nigerian market. Evidently, his ‘collabos’ with Ice Prince, Mr Eazi and Davido corroborate this claim. Regrettably, those collabos didn’t do him so much justice. ‘Etangti moh manyang’ never gave up, he finally broke through the back door; Diamond Platnuz’s Youtube Channel.

The #forusbyus and #panafricanmovement movements continue, Angela Okorie will fly all the way from Nigeria to host the 11th Feb Olympia filled-up concert and she will obviously take the vibes back with her to Nigeria.


Stanley Enow, Diamond Platnuz, Ariel Sheney – My Way Remix

Stanley Enow, the flag bearer of Cameroon’s urban musical affairs, once again, proved his dexterity and showbiz technical know-how; not only for Cameroonians but for Africans to find and follow their ‘ways’.  Appropriate portions,  a milkshake of Stanley Enow’s Manyang voice blended with Diamond Platnumz’s silky Swahili notes and served with Ariel Sheney’s Ivorian Coupé-Décalé’ flair. Yummy right?

What a fusion of languages, styles, dance moves and charisma on a single beat—Soft Touch on the beat—a fair share of exposure for the talented beat maker as well. The most spectacular dance move in the song “My Way” is Locko’s ‘gwara gwara’. In the remix, Diamond Platnumz’s Shaku Shaku moves stood out.

What Stanley Enow Haters Can’t stop.

Are the haters going to jump on bandwagon #forusbyus? Thereby, following Stanley Enow’s lead and to collectively build a culture of support and engagement around the ecosystem and structures of Cameroon’s music industry. 

Stanley Enow’s haters may have blocked their ears from ever picking any line from his songs to appreciate him as a lyricist. They may have blinded their eyes to see his transition—growth and progression, but, they can’t stop history from being made tomorrow the 11th of February, 2020.

Sometimes in life, we all need some enemies and haters! This is so because of the tables the lord promised to serve in their presence. Haters have been shaking Stanley Enow’s tables for close to a decade now. Provocatively, in front of dem very eyes; new and better tables are always served.



The word cult means so many things. If you came here to read about Illuminati, I gotcha for another day!

The personality cult built around Stanley Enow at the moment is equivalent of him being sobriquet the, The grandmaster of Cameroon’s music industry. 

Petit Pays said, “Oh yeah”

‘Tony Nobody’ is on board.

The streets welcomed Enow. Additionally, Students also felt him when he visited them at school.  You reading, what are you waiting for?

Thanks for reading

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Stay blessed and have a prosperous 2020 ahead.

It’s been your Boy; Davis E Tabot(Dawei)

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