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Nabil Nabstar Fongod crosses the red line

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Nabstar  Rants with outrage.


Nabil Nabstar Fongod is an award-winning radio presenter, media personality and host of Nabstar Radio(Sweet FM). His input to ensure the sustainable growth of Cameroon’s entertainment industry is highly commendable and plausible. 

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Nabstar Displays His Awards On Facebook

Through his platforms, many talents have been discovered, and he’s one of the few persons whose win at the just ended BDMA goes without any questioning from every stakeholder. His outcome and fruits are quite visible for all to see. 

Artists like Young Holiday, Otang and a multitude of others have been given a voice on his platform. Nabstar’s selflessness is one of the qualities that makes him unique among his fellow colleagues in the same niche.

It’s really unlike Nabstar to put a generalised statement on Facebook; bashing and calling bloggers fake and haters. I will say this here, very crystal clear that—Nabstar for the very first time in his career, and as a media personality—let his emotions shadowed his sense of reasoning!

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Bloggers are the most vulnerable stakeholders in Cameroon’s entertainment industry ecosystem! Most entertainment bloggers got into the blogging vocation with one objective in mind and that’s to promote the industry.

As soon as they start doing their jobs, they came to the realisation that Cameroonian audiences consume more of negative vibes than the positive ones.

They sometimes wrote positively about celebrities! The same celebs didn’t see the need to even share the articles written about them with their fans. There are many so-called celebrities whose names do not have the propensity to generate even a single view on an article written about.

The moment bloggers pick on negative vibes, baaam, na traffic b dis! What do we really expect these bloggers to do? Some blog for the passion thereof, but again, they also need to make some money to ensure the sustainability of their platforms. 

coming back to Nabstar, Sir, many bloggers did post the full list of winners of BDMA and other awards on their blog. Was Nabstar expecting bloggers to single him out of the many winners to blog about him exclusively? Yes, it’s possible to do that, but in most cases, people who want such exclusive services pay for them.

In Nigeria, celebrities pay bloggers to create contents about them, to counteract negative vibes and to keep their names atop the blogosphere. 

It doesn’t come with an element of surprise for Nabstar to categorically say that:


His judgement is based on what he sees Kamer’s wannabe bloggers do on Facebook, but sorry to disappoint you, Nabstar! Blogging is deep and it goes far beyond: writing titles and bodies, putting some few tags, attaching a picture and posting on Facebook.

Blogging is more of creating backlinks, ranking higher on search engines, building a higher domain and page authorities. Facebook is overrated! We all have the same circle of friends, we sell the industry to the same people every day. It’s the responsibility of pro bloggers to create new markets for the industry. 

One of the ways Pro bloggers do that is by competing on a broader level with thousands of African bloggers on search engine rankings. The picture below is self-explanatory!

Nabil Nabstar Fongod

Out of 54,900,000 search results for the keyword “African rappers rating for 2018”, the article Iyunade blog wrote ranking Top 10 African rappers in 2018 is the first website on the second page of google. In the months ahead, it will be on the first page. That’s an example of real blogging and not the usual Facebook rantings we are all used. 

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So, in the sense of selling the industry every day to the same circle of Friends on Facebook, we are all bloggers; but when it comes to real blogging and creating new markets for the industry—there are only 3 bloggers who do that. 

I have lots of respect for Nabstar, but he must not let his emotions come first before his reasoning. 

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CEO Davis E Tabot is a dynamic, open-minded, Passionate Blogger, SEO expert, Media Personality, Talent Manager, Wordpress Website builder, Social media marketer and Founder of MCMG. e-mail Davis E Tabot via ceodavis@meetcameroonians.com

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