New Music Alert: Blanche Bailly Releases “Ndolo” Music Video

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Only when we were thinking of rolling the weekend with Micki Wren’s “How We Roll”, Blanche Bailly came in with “Ndolo” to add some spice. And if that wasn’t enough, Reniss comes in hours later to add some piment straight from New Bell Music with her “On Dit Quoi” music video that was released same day.

Blanche Bailly shared with us her never unending sour relationship with men in her latest music video “Ndolo”, produced by Mr Mccoy and directed by Dr. Nkeng Stephens. After telling men ‘je ne suis pas ton bon bon’ in her last outing in “Bon Bon”, she came around this time imprisoned in ndolo (love) telling us about the infidelity of men who are ready to show their love but not ready to fully engage [Quand ils veulent te séduire / Kind kind tori Pour t’avoir dans son lit / But if I carry your pikin You no go gree yeah] or take responsibility [Pourquoi devrais je t’follow ooh / T’as pas les actes pour les prouver]. You can checkout lyrics of Blanche Bailly’s “Ndolo”.

Ndolo, an Afro-pop mix, portrays the attitude of some men who when they want to seduce a woman, will tell her all types of story but when the lady gets pregnant, they won’t want to accept the pregnancy. She tells men Vous allez me tuer mais je vais sauf que parler”. Still to find out what love has done to her :))

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The weirdest part of the music video is that she played the part of the man who has used her.

Watch and enjoy “Ndolo” by Blanche Bailly below:

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