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Song by eLDee addressing key issues in Africa. The video features over 15 celebrity artists from Nigeria.

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43 Thoughts to “ONE DAY- eLDee (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)”

  1. This song is deep!

  2. Good job eLDee. Apart from our modern day FELA otherwise known as MONDAY MIDNITE who totally blew me away with his radical anti-corruption YouTube videos "Bring back the money" and "Pissy Pissy", and his blast against Britain "1897" , you are the only other Naija artist who have dared to speak on the issues. I am very pleased. Naija will be better ONE DAY because artists like you chose to fight the good fight. Thank you my broda.

  3. @eldeethedon this song is deep!! iLike

  4. Great Video….Great Message….keep it up

  5. "Bad roads cause too many unnecessary deaths." It's true o, we need to change

  6. Great work Eldee! …major props

  7. that wassup knowledge

  8. amazing video bruh..

  9. Great message. hope they listen

  10. really nicee video…#lightupnaija


  12. True, sincere yarns. Thumbs up eLDee!!

  13. Much needed words!!!!!!!

  14. The lyrics to this song are golden!

  15. e go beta oh… Eldee tru yarn..
    dis song iz tite…ma fav 4 now

  16. Fellow nigerians , lets do it this way , everyday when we wake up , we put curses on people spoiling Naija . I know people will come now with this religious bullshit . Is good to trust in God , and that is what our so so called Rulers are using against us.
    When i hear my father lament after 35 years service , i only pity people who don't have either rich children or ones abroad . here in germany their Old people drive best cars cos of what they collect as their entitlements

  17. amazing song indeed! makes me emotional…

  18. amazing song indeed! the song makes me REALLY EMOTIONAL!!..I only hope the black man is not accursed!

  19. Yes, we are finally moving in the right direction. If we all start talking, singing, writing about the real issues like brother Eldee and Monday Midnite are doing, we will wake up our sleeping giant ONE DAY and stop our POLITTIFERS from their PISSY PISSY.

  20. I am compelled to salute the consistency of ElDee on advocacy…and appreciate the beauty in maximizing his diversity..

  21. Great vid and msg, bro. We won't stop, until we breathe, feel, and see change!

  22. Great message, applies to all of Africa.

  23. diz song makes so much sense! x

  24. Nice one my brother…love this man.

  25. *The Dinosaur* – EXTINCTION of CORRUPTION

    hmnnnnn…what a dream, save, of course, you believe in EVOLUTION.

  26. eldee God bless you for dis 1..kip reppin bro

  27. Eldee, mad props! This is a burden I think yound Nigerians in the states have. More grease to you.

  28. Sooo Tru(y) [Bout Lagos Partyy!]

  29. Very well done eLDee. We should fight for a fair society. I wish you success.

  30. i'd found out a new joint…ELDEE 4ever!!!

  31. africa is a continent like no other, i just wish all the best for it! africa is amazing and it deserves a good future!

  32. very cool beats

  33. This is a hope for all africa. sometimes i feel like we were punish till today i ask my y africa. we have everything

  34. This makes mad sense….

  35. This song applies 2 all African nations………….It's Brilliant!

  36. this song has a poignant punch
    ..better must come!

  37. The more I listen to this song, the more I like it!
    -Alas, a terrible reality for Nigerians

  38. #LightUpNigeria.. Cool Video!!

  39. It’s so sad that despite our civilization, our leaders are still not competent enough to govern us; too corrupt and same greedy and selfishness people are still around ruling the great country of ours!!

  40. one day ..one day
    e go betta….. for naija
    money go circulate
    light e go dey
    one day… one day
    u no go need to ja
    comot naija
    omo e don tey – i go like make e be today ..
    eldee – u are on without NEPA. carry go jare !

  41. thiss song touches me

  42. beautiful beautiful song…Thats how i know africans to be singing. inspirational songs…not love songs all the time..keep it up!

  43. Great Song & great Video …. could crying see so much pain and the world will never change, its a shame for the hole civilication

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