P-Square – Away (Official Video)

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Love is in the Air!
P-Square gets you in the valentine mood with this amazing video for their latest single “Away”.
Directed by Clarence Peters.
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26 Thoughts to “P-Square – Away (Official Video)”

  1. Una separation isn't really helping Matter at all ,love you both

  2. Who's still here 2020 watching this energetic and perfect sounds effect video music,I love this video die

  3. Pure p square, truly African music.

  4. U are not been forbidden from singing so if you dont like him simply drop ur music video in this comments session. Simple.
    Rudeboy & mr.p are twins brother, so be careful because they will surely comeback together no matter how long it will take. The bond is there no be lie.
    They will never abuse each other, they are instead trying to impress each other. Because Rudeboy knows mr.p is very talented likewise mr.p Knows that Rudeboy is very talented as well.

    Infact this time when they comeback together their music partnership is going to be bomb believe me. Because both of them will participate in both musical and dancing equally.
    If you dare observe there duo music. Mr.p always allow rudeboy to do most of the singing not that he cant sing, while rudboy allow mr.p to do most of the dancing and creative not that he cants do thesame.

    To me they are best Nigeria has ever produce because they still have something beautiful in their brain Locker. After spending almost 2 decade in the industry.

    I love you Mr.p & kingrudeboy.

  5. ❤️❤️😣😔😔❤️❤️

  6. Good music brother

  7. Ruuuuudeboy 💪💪💪💪

  8. Who's here in 2020 and more?

  9. March 2020 still don't know what do they mean by "Ilakalumadaya"😑😑😑

  10. Please Peter and Paul come back

  11. if i tell you say i love you many men go want you both rabbits and them go hunt me till the end.scheße welt.

  12. if it is all about money money go vanish.Ecclesiastes 1:3

  13. I really over here thinking about the back days

  14. Who’s the dark skinned girl she’s so beautiful

  15. I love it so much

  16. Big up big up from liberia 🇱🇷 🇱🇷 all 2020

  17. Psquare my favourite
    Which they come back together
    Who's still listening 2020

  18. I will always love p square!!! All songs are so good, I love it ♥

  19. I need p square back 😔😔😔

  20. " Mapeka sondaaa" For congolese pple it can be funny 🤣😅

  21. I just want the twins to reUnite 😢

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