P-Square – Ejeajo [Official Video] ft. T.I.

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P-Square raise the bar again featuring one of Americas hottest rappers T.I. The duo’s 6th studio album is set to drop soon. If you’re a fan of electric pop and quick dance steps, you’ll definitely love this one. Directed by Clarence Peters and Jude ‘Engees’ Okoye. Check it out!!
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22 Thoughts to “P-Square – Ejeajo [Official Video] ft. T.I.”

  1. Me:Hey ladies
    Ladies: yeah
    Me: i wanna get some likes💯

  2. Damn! I got the PSquare fever plus Ti

  3. 2020?
    Who's dancing with me?

  4. 2020 anyone

  5. 2020 entering mood be like……

  6. Who’s watching this in 2020👇👇

  7. Who is here 2020?

  8. Who is till listening to this song with me in this 2020

  9. Who is here 2020 like

  10. Please Square back abeg u guys in the name of God

  11. am very sorry if not for paul, mr p would b like that dark guy dancing with him dat put on the same cloth as his, he is always with mr p because of dance leave dat guy and go back to ur brother, get sense dat guy na outsider ABEG, ABEG, ABEG

  12. T I where I you

  13. Still enjoying it at quarantine, cameroon ,, miss p2 die

  14. Who is listening to this jam during lockdown 2020. Our world will be normal again. We will get the magic baccccckkk…. F**k Covid19👎👎👎

  15. I can't be the only one still here missing Psqaure

  16. Nothing but classic .. dis song gon reign forever … TI nailed it .. classic

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